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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reggie Warren Jr. Episode 4

It's been a slow few days for the MMA world from a news perspective and I'm not into the soap opera of whether Chuck Liddell is too sick or too healthy to fight at UFC 71 or whether Rampage will be fighting him or not or fight cards changes... YAWN!

Also, Frank Mir is not fighting at Ultimate Fight Night 9 on April 5th due to injury. What a boring UFN card without Frankie... well, at least we still have Melvin Guillard and that's about it.

Tim Sylvia admitted that he had a back injury going into UFC 68 against Randy Couture. Funny isn't it? Tim was able to bridge effectively while he was on the ground and on his back for 4 of the 5 rounds. Back injury? O.K. Tim, we believe you and hope you get better but I am sure your ego will take longer to heal from the damage it suffered not to mention your reputation... if that could even take a worse beating than it had prior to your fight with The Natural. Hey Tim, you're still a tool.

All boring lay and pray news over the past few days.

So, instead, I have another special treat for you MMA Fever fans with the 4th installment of the saga that lives inside the mind of Reggie Warren Jr. the street fighter extraordinaire.

Well, Reggie is up to his usual big fish stories that are absolutely hilarious and this time he targets Karo "The Heat" Parisyan.

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