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Monday, March 5, 2007

UFC 68 Payouts

UFC 68 - March 3, 2007 - Columbus, Ohio

Title Match & Main Event Fighters

Randy Couture: $250,000 ( defeated Tim Sylvia)

Tim Sylvia: $100,000 ( lost to Randy Couture)

Main Card Fighters

Matt Hughes: $150,000 ( defeated Chris Lytle)

Rich Franklin: $42,000 ( defeated Jason MacDonald)

Renato "Babalu" Sobral: $21,000 ( lost to Jason Lambert)

Martin Kampmann: $20,000 ( defeated Drew McFedries)

Jason Lambert: $18,000 ( defeated Renato "Babalu" Sobral)

Jason MacDonald: $14,000 ( lost to Rich Franklin)

Chris Lytle: $10,000 ( lost to Matt Hughes)

Drew McFedries: $5,000 ( lost to Martin Kampmann)

Preliminary Match Fighters

Jon Fitch: $28,000 ( defeated Luigi Fioravanti)

Matt Hamill: $10,000 ( defeated Rex Holman)

Luigi Fioravanti: $8,000 ( lost to Jon Fitch)

Jamie Varner: $6,000 ( defeated Jason Gilliam)

Gleison Tibau: $6,000 ( defeated Jason Dent)

Rex Holman: $3,000 ( lost to Matt Hamill)

Jason Gilliam: $3,000 ( lost to Jamie Varner)

Jason Dent: $3,000 ( lost to Gleison Tibau)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $697,000

Remember that the UFC 68 reported payouts just involve the base pay inclusive of money earned to show, and money earned to win. In no way do the payout figures represent any Pay-per-view incentive bonuses that the fighters may have earned.


  1. Hey it's Tuesday, where's the goddamn payout data?!?!?! I'm eager to see that shit!

  2. There you go man!

    Sorry for the delay...

  3. Pride pays better than this and they have less money. Fighters should get a base pay of 10-15 grand a fight. Dana White was all flappin his jaws about the biggest UFC day ever yet the newer fighters didn't see none of it. - B

  4. Dana White is the Vince McMahon of MMA in North America.

    With that said, I agree with you in that the fighters deserve at least a living wage considering that they have to cover the basic cost of living expenses like we do and they may only fight once every three months IF they're lucky.

    Some receice pay per view bonuses but that's only the main card fighters... the rest get what they are given and that's it.

    I ahve referred to Dana White as the Don King of MMA in America due to his exploitive nature of using and throwing away good fighters such as Nick Diaz and David Loiseau.

    B.J. Penn and Tito Ortiz are the only fighters that have shown the balls to stand up against Dana and even they had to leave the UFC for a while until Dana came back down to Earth to get in touch with the real world.

    Dana wants pay per view material fighters... the one's that can be marketed outside of the ring.

    Cro Cop doesn't give a shit about Dana White... he just fights , wins and goes back home to Croatia.

    Dana wants another Chuck Liddell type to help promote MMA and the UFC especialy however, the REAL fighters are not interested in marketing... they are fighters and do what they know and do best... fight.

    Dana is doing a good job at marketing the UFC and I agree that he should pay the fighters what they are worth to the fans that buy the UFC evenets like you and I.


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