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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UFC has bought Pride - Its official

Well MMA Fans,

its official Pride has been bought up by Lorenzo J. Fertitta and Frank J. Fertitta, III owners of the ratings whore UFC.

Here is a good article summing it up from our Friends at Review Journal DOT COM.

UFC acquires Pride Multimillion-dollar deal includes all assets. The owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship scooped up their primary rival Monday, reaching a multimillion-dollar deal to purchase the Japanese-based Pride Fighting Championship.

UFC president Dana White said he and partners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta formed a new company, Pride Worldwide, that purchased the assets of the Pride FC.White, who said the deal was completed about 1:30 p.m. PDT Monday, would not reveal the purchase price, but intimated it was an eight-figure deal.

"I don't like to talk about money, but it was a lot of money, I can tell you that," White said by telephone from Japan. "It was a hell of a lot more than Barry Bonds is making." Bonds, the second-leading home run hitter in baseball history, signed a $15.8 million, one-year deal with the San Francisco Giants in February.

The UFC deal transfers all Pride assets, including fighter contracts, fight video library and trademarks, to the new company. White said he would retain Pride's Japanese employees and that the company's planned April 7 show would go on as planned in Tokyo.

Pride has many of the sport's best fighters, including heavyweight champion Fedor Emialenenko, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Shogun Rua, Takanori Gomi and Hayato Sakurai, signed to promotional contracts.

White said Pride would adopt the same rules that are used in the United States and expressed a desire to use the so-called unified rules around the world. Soccer kicks and knees to the head were legal in Pride fights in Japan, but they were outlawed in two shows that were held at the Thomas & Mack Center. However, White said any fight held with the Pride banner would continue to be in a ring. UFC fights are in a cage.

"This is a sport and we're going to follow the unified rules that were established in New Jersey and then in Nevada," White said. "It's a sport -- mixed martial arts -- and the sport should have the same rules everywhere. As far as I'm concerned, if an organization doesn't follow these rules, it's not MMA. It's something else, but that's not MMA."

White said he will create a "Super Bowl" of MMA that will match the best fighters in Pride against the best in the UFC. White said he hadn't had time to think through the logistics, but said the concept could become the biggest annual event in the sport. He said he has the option to use Pride fighters in UFC shows if he chooses, but plans to run distinct brands.

"Pride is a powerful brand," White said. "The winners in this are the fans, because they're going to see the question answered. How many times have I heard someone say, 'Pride is better,' or 'UFC is better?' Well, wherever you come down on that, we'll answer the question because we'll make certain we put them in with each other and get an answer."

One of Pride's downfalls in the last year in Japan was the loss of its contract with Fuji TV. White said it was one of the new ownership group's leading priorities to negotiate a new television deal in Japan.


  1. I thought you guys died or something. I figured MMA Fever would be all over this story like stink on shit. Where have you guys been?

  2. BTW, the last I heard is that Greg has been holed up in a brothel for the last few days so he has an excuse.


  3. I went to Japan to counter the offer the Fertitta's put forward but it got rejected. They couldn't understand the concept of being paid with a lifetime supply of poutine and hockey pucks.

    I even tried to throw in a pair of cherry $7 seats in the 500 level of the Skydome.

    Sorry for the absence, I had some pressing issues to deal with and I am also going through serious fight withdrawl at the moment as most of you are too.

    Glad that the aquisition is over so we can finally get back to fight analysis along with providing the most sought after videos on the MMA planet.

    Thanks for fresh content Balz!


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