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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Does MMA Need to be Off TV?

Apparently it does according to "The TOOL of the DAY", Nick Frost from The Gateway Online.

Nick Frost

For the past few years—with the re-emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the Spike TV reality hit, The Ultimate Fighter—mixed martial arts have been steadily gaining popularity with their crossover into the mainstream, yet, I still don’t understand why. There isn’t any sort of appeal involved in watching two guys swing at each other—and miss most of the time—for 30 seconds, and then drop to the floor and hold the same grapple on each other for the remainder of the match.

And it’s not like I haven’t tried to catch the UFC craze, either. I sat through an entire fight once thinking that maybe, just maybe, it would lead to something absolutely spellbinding and satisfy my bloodlust. Instead, I kid you not, the two men involved in the fight locked each other into a grapevine maneuver and stayed frozen in that position for four fucking minutes. Spooning is permitted elsewhere, guys, not on my TV screen. Not to mention, this scenario repeated itself round after round until a panel of older, more out-of-shape men apparently decided that one guy did a better job of spooning than the other. What a joke.

Don’t think for a minute, though, that I don’t think that any of these guys could kick my ass, or that their different fighting techniques—in a perverse sort of way—can be considered as part of an art form, like Japanese martial arts. It’s just that, like some forms of art, it’s just not entertaining to watch at all.

Ok, I hear this kind of ignorant crap all the time from people who have not spent 5 to 10 minutes trying to seek to understand the strategy and technique of mixed martial arts. I usually then put them into a rear naked choke, put them to sleep for a while and when they awake from the abyss, they would have forgotten the drivel that spewed out of their meat head and given MMA another chance.

Let's collectively render people unconscious to change their minds about MMA. (This was said in jest however, it doesn't mean that I don't imagine following through in my mind as I listen to another ignoramus go on about "Ultimate Fighting" as they call it).

There needs to be more coverage of MMA on television not less.

Nick Frost deservedly earns MMA Fever's dishonorable distinction of being "The TOOL of the DAY"


  1. This guy is most likely a dedicated boxing fan or simply watches to much of the "Soap Opera of Men" known as professional wrestling. I know many die hard fans of boxing that refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of MMA as a sport. They use words like "boring" and "barbaric" when describing MMA fights simply because they can't handle the fact that there is another combat sport on the horizon that is set to overshadow the now corrupt and non-sport of professional boxing.

    I used to be a huge boxing fan. However, after dozens of disappointments and fights that seemed to be fixed, I lost interest. Thank God that I found PRIDE FC, and later the UFC to satisfy my love of fight sport!

  2. I agree...Definately the tool of the day...:)

  3. Nick Frost is a jackass just like Bill O'Reilly. Maybe Nick likes watching World Championship Poker games instead of MMA. If thats his thing then good for him. Maybe I'll run into this guy some time and I'll show him what "spooning" is all about.

  4. Finally! Someone actually had the balls to come right out and say it! Not only is UFC a total joke but is also classified as soft core gay porn. Who really wants to watch 2 guys roll around a ring all hot and sweaty and then one mounts the other and is declared the winner. Ha! Thank you UFC for showing us all what a tea-bagging looks like. They might as well be fighting in the Roman Coliseum and get surrounded by lions and tigers and bears. Great, just what we need. Tool of the day? Fuck that! This Nick guy needs a medal!


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