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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tim Sylvia - Tool of the Day!


Tim Sylvia deservedly earned the dishonorable distinction of becoming MMA Fever's "TOOL OF THE DAY"

After Tim Sylvia lost to Randy Couture last night at UFC 68, during the post fight interview in the octagon, Tim Sylvia said to Joe Rogan that he came into the fight with an injury. As soon as big Tim said that, the crowd booed the Maine-iac err... idiot then Tim came to his senses and realized that he was acting like a piss poor cry baby loser then quickly added, "Randy beat me fair and square. He's a stud." Tim said Randy is a stud not once but twice yet the crowd still booed ferociously.

Tim's outburst of his injury as an excuse came just after Rogan commended Tim on being a fighter with class. Tim knew what he said, he's an ass clown who tried to steal the thunder away from The Natural but the fans wouldn't let him.

Tim Sylvia, you ARE the TOOL OF THE DAY!

You are an idiot, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!


  1. you are insecure. he' a respectable person and fighter.

  2. he's a respectable person and fighter....haha that sounded so gay.... sounds like somebody has a crush....fag
    ps sylvia is a tool

  3. Yes Sylvia is a fag and a lame tool but he is much better than that BS against grandpa Couture. Haha he didn't even throw a punch! So obvious. He is 6'8'' and could have kicked Randy in the head if he wanted. That #&$* was rigged. UFC rigged it because everyone is tired of Sylvia's boring ass fights.

  4. Sylvia is a fag. All he cared about was wearing that goddamn belt in the shower, in bed, at the grocery name it! I'm glad Randy took it from his stupid ass, now maybe Tim will wake up and work on his training since he will have all that spare time from not having a championship belt to polish every nanosecond.


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