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Thursday, March 8, 2007

ESPN: Chat with Randy Couture Transcript

Yes, that's right, you guys didn't think I abandoned you did you?

Sorry, I've been crazy busy the past couple of days however, I have another treat for y'all in a transcript following today's ESPN Sportsnation Randy Couture Chat with the fans!

Special thanks goes to MMA Fever fan Michel Dubuc for reminding me about this chat session.

Here it is without the required credit card to access the chat session:

Just for MMA Fever fans....

Christina, NY: Congratulations! The fight was incredible. How much of an impact do you think Tim's supposed "injury" made on his fight, if any? And how do you feel about him making a remark like that?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:38 PM ET ) Well I don't know anything about his injury, and I don't know about any athlete who doesn't always have to deal with injuries. I think it was hard for Tim, and I don't think he helped himself with the fans with what looked like an excuse.

Dan- Omaha, NE: In your opinion who would be a tougher opponent Mirko CroCop or Fedor?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:38 PM ET ) Both are very tough, Fedor is a much more well-rounded fighter so he would be a tougher fight.

Eric (Charlotte): Randy, how do you continue to stay in such great shape? What is your eating/training routine that allows you to continue to beat guys younger than you?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:40 PM ET ) I think I have been very fortunate as far as not getting major injuries. I don't know if there is any explanation . As far as diet I stay away from dairy and eat a lot of raw greens.

Diego, CA: Do you think the UFC has more talent than Pride FC at this moment now?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:41 PM ET ) Well it is hard top say. Everyone is asking this question. And it is a little bit like comparing the NFL and CFL so it is hard to estimate. We won't be able to tell until we get some crossovers, but there are great fighters on both sides.

Christian - Los Angeles: Hey Champ, I understand you signed a 4 fight deal with UFC. Will you call it quits after the deal is played out or are you leaning towards signing another deal? And on the scoring of the fight...Why wasn't the first round considered a 10 - 8 round after you landed the big right hand and knocked Sylvia down to start the onslaught? Thanks Randy, that was one sweet PPV special. WOW!

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:43 PM ET ) I don't know , it is way too early to make that call right now. I may not even finish all four fights I have on the contract right now. As far a the 10-8, I think there was a case there, but it is different from boxing so there is room for debate there, but it is hard to say what the judges think.

Scott Edmonotn Alberta: Why is there no talk of a rematch with Tim Sylvia?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:44 PM ET ) Well the fight just happened, and it was a dominating performance, so I think Tim would have to go fight someone else and reach contender status again.

Chuck (Burbank, IL): Do you ever think you'll move down a class again to challenge Liddell for a fourth time?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:45 PM ET ) I mean it is more likely that Chuck will move up to heavyweight to challenge me and I am not opposed to it as long as people want to see it.

Matt Roswell NM: What is the most difficult part of your training? Great win Sat night against the Maineiac.....

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:46 PM ET ) Thank you very much Matt. I don't know what is harder, because all of it is hard. But you get used to it, and I actually love it. The hardest part I guess was having to go up against all those heavyweights at the start of training who came into to help me prepare for this fight.

dave - Montreal : tito is fighting UFC president dana white in a boxing match, would you also love the opportunity to punch dana white ?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:47 PM ET ) No I am not really interested in fighting Dana. I think this whole thing stems from a rumor that Dana and Tito had boxed and Dana had beat Tito, so I think this is a chance for Tito to set the record straight. I think it is pretty interesting I hope I get the chance to attend.

JAMES NY: hey randy big fan. just wondering which fight was a more satisfying win for you...beating tito for the lightheavy belt or this win against sylvia to regain the heavyweight belt?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:49 PM ET ) well both were very satisfying. Obviously Tito with the persona that he has and the whole spanking thing, was definetaly one of the top performqances of my life. But this was special too, being a three to one underdog and coming back and all.

David Kuepper : Long Beach, CA: You said that at your age, everytime you come into a bout now you're looked at as an underdog. Does it bother you and does if fuel you more mentally than if you weren't looked at as an underdog?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:50 PM ET ) It does not bother me at all. I have come to expect it at this point. So this situation is no different, and I seem to thrive in that underdog spot.

Pete Nelson (Irvine, CA.): First off congratulations on Saturday's win. Simply amazing. During your fight with Tim you wore a black knee protector, with your stance leaving your left leg as your lead. How will you change that style against Mirko Cro Cop, since he will undoubtedly be kicking more to your legs than Tim did?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:52 PM ET ) Well I wore the knee protector because I have a very sore left knee, I'm not sure if anything is torn or sprained. I won't change my stance for CroCop, but I will change my footwork. It will be interesting to see how this plays out since he knows I have good take down skills, and if he will be willing to pick his feet up.

Samantha (Cobourg, ON, Canada): What made you want to come out of retirement and go straight for the championship?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:53 PM ET ) It wasn't so much about the championship as much as it was the match-up. The championship was somethign extra. I liked the match-up with Tim, and thought it was an interesting challenge and that is what it came down to.

bill simmons (IL): Let's say you're in charge of the fight card. What two fighters would be in your main event? Who would win?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:55 PM ET ) Well I think the thing that makes our events interesting is you are not sure who would win. I don't know who I would pick, or what weight class, there are a lot of great fighters out there...that is a tough question. I can't really say right now.

Ty Demaree Versailles, Indiana: Randy, I know you were in great shape for your comeback fight against Tim silvia, How can you compare the training now, in comparison to when you were, say, 25 years old? Is it alot harder to get into fighting shape at your current age? thanks.

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:57 PM ET ) Well it was this time because I had been out for a year, not that I was not doing anything, but I usually keep my fitness regiment pretty high so it is not too hard. But at 43 I am afraid that if I stopped training it could be a big problem. It also helps being a little older in that I am wiser.

Nathan Chatsworth, Georgia: Randy, Fedor says you are his hero, is there any chance that Fedor and yourself will ever face off? I know the fans would love to see that.

SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:58 PM ET ) I don't know if that will ever happen, since he has a contract with Pride, and that would keep him from coming to UFC. But I am pretty excited to see him fight in April.

Jeremy R Ohio: Randy - First off its great to see ESPN finally begin to recognize the UFC. I've always said that the UFC could take over boxing as American's new "sweet science." Also congrats on the title, I was there and loved it! Onto my question, are you worried at all that this stint as champ may be shorter than your other reigns considering that this one was won after you had retired? In other words, do you think you will be able to remain as focused as you were for the Sylvia match (total butt kicking) for the rest of your upcoming Title Defenses?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (2:00 PM ET ) I treat every fight the same, so I don't think my mental preparation will change.

Mark (Des Moines, IA): First of all, congrats on a great performance! I really enjoy you as a commentator, will you be commentating again?

SportsNation Randy Couture: (2:01 PM ET ) Yes, as long as I am not fighting on the card I will be commentating, so I will be commentating in Houston and all the other PPV I am not in, and Thanks!

Mark ((New Brunswick, NJ)): Do you think Matt Lindland has a chance to beat Fedor? I think it's awesome that you, Matt, and Dan Henderson all are having great success moving up in weight. Greco guys!

SportsNation Randy Couture: (2:02 PM ET ) Well I absolutely think Matt has a chance. So people may count him out, but not me. He is a junk yard dog and has no fear. He brings it everytime he fights.

SportsNation Randy Couture: (2:05 PM ET ) That is all the time I have for today. But thank you for all your support and I look forward to getting back into the Octagon this summer.


  1. When asked "Do you think the UFC has more talent than Pride FC at this moment now?"

    Randy Said:

    "SportsNation Randy Couture: (1:41 PM ET ) Well it is hard top say. Everyone is asking this question. And it is a little bit like comparing the NFL and CFL so it is hard to estimate. We won't be able to tell until we get some crossovers, but there are great fighters on both sides."

    LMAO - The CFL sucks arse in comparision to the NFL. Gotta love Randy for covertly saying that the UFC is the better of the two organizations in his well mannered way.

    Classy (but funny) dude!

  2. Even Though I dislike Sylvia I think this loss will make him into a better fighter. His next fight rather it's against Randy or whoever probably not Couture though, Matt and Rich didn't get Rubber matches I assume Tim won't either, he'll put himself out there, I hope.

  3. I agree Griff, I like the big man too even though his style of fight doesn't satisfy the average fan.

    Tim will be back... if only he would move over to Greg Jackson's camp then he would take what he learned from MFS and combine it with Jackson's and evolve into an improved fighter.

    Let's rememeber that Sylvia only suffered his 3rd loss in his MMA career... in no way is he finished yet. More to come from the Maine-iac I am sure.


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