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Monday, March 19, 2007

Penn Vs. Pulver 1 - TUF 5 Coaches Square Off

As you are well aware, The Ultimate Fighter 5 is set to begin its new season at 11:00 pm EST on April 5th following the Ultimate Fight Night 9 event.

There is a reason why B.J. Penn and Jens Pulver were chosen as the TUF5 coaches for the up and coming lightweights... they have a history together!

Most argue that B.J. Penn is the best lightweight in the world today. Personally, I would challenge that claim however, it doesn't stop me from marvelling at Penn's flexibility in the ring and the awesome things he can do while in the rubber guard that would surely make Eddie Bravo proud.

Jens fought B.J. way back in 1/11/2002 at UFC 35 - Throwdown and was at that time, the undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion.

Here is a snippet from Jens Pulver's wiki page on his fight with Penn:

Pulver vs Penn

Pulver’s second title defense came against B.J. Penn.

Penn was the most highly decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner in America (he was the first non-Brazilian to win a world title at the Black Belt level in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)at the time. Penn had burst onto the scene, already known for his grappling, he quickly stunned the MMA community by show casing incredible striking skills; quickly knocking out Din Thomas (a man who had submitted Pulver in 2000) then knocking out Caol Uno within eleven seconds of the first round. In fact, heading into the fight with Pulver, Penn had never fought longer than the first round. Penn was a 3:1 favorite at most sportsbooks, and most MMA experts were writing Pulver off as having no chance.

Pulver’s performance in the fight is considered the high point of his career. Penn pressed the action early; taking Pulver to the mat numerous times, achieving a full mount on him twice in the second round, and securing a straight arm bar completely hyper-extending Pulver’s arm as the seconds ticked off the clock ending the second round.

Pulver battled back in the third round. Successfully defending Penn’s attempts to take him to the ground, and even scoring defensive takedowns on Penn. Pulver frustrated Penn with nothing more than sheer will power by not only winning the rounds but out grappling the world-renowned Penn in the third and fourth rounds. In the fifth round, Penn, frustrated and down on points, choose to stand and trade with Pulver. For the entire five minutes of the fifth round the two stood toe to toe exchanging lighting fast kicking boxing techniques. At one point a left hand from Pulver staggered Penn, but the round drew to a conclusion and the fight went into the judges hands.

Pulver would take a majority decision win. Breaking into tears during the post fight interview Pulver stated “I’ve been beat on my whole life, this is nothing.”

The TUF5 coaches will have a rubber match and fight each other again at The ULTIMATE FIGHTER 5 LIVE FINALE - JUNE 23, 2007 ON SPIKE TV at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here is a video clip of Penn and Pulver's first encounter in the octagon:


  1. I don't really know where to put this comment, but there is rumor that UFC has officially purchased PRIDE.

    Front page story. You should do a write-up. Just a suggestion.kgski

  2. I am excited to see these two fight. That fight that was included w/ that segment of the blog was excellent. Both stand & ground games were shown. I hope for another close fight between these two.

  3. Thanks,

    I've been keeping my eyes peeled for official news about the alleged Pride FC buyout.

    The rumour originated over at I'm not one for rumours unless it can be substantiated by a legitimate source.

    Apparently the Fertita brothers who own Zuffa bought Pride FC for 65 million. Again, it is still speculation and if and or when it comes true, I'll be one of the first to write about it 'cause it would be HUGE MMA news.

    Here is a piece of what Junkie (who is also an MMA Fever fan) wrote:

    "According to today’s episode of Sherdog’s The Savage Dog Show/BeatDown, UFC majority owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have purchased the Japenese-based PRIDE Fighting Championships for a startling-low price of $65 million. (You can find a heated discussion on the Sherdog Forums.)

    The show is relying an anonymous source that is said to be “very reliable,” and an official announcement is expected to come on Wednesday."

    Thanks for the head's up and feel free to drop a comment anywhere on any subject, you are more than welcomed to kgski.

  4. Thanks Robdog,

    I hope the fight between Penn and Pulver happens... just have to make sure B.J. makes weight :)

    It should be another barn burner that will not disappoint. The 155 Lb class is fast moving with non-stop action and to have two of the top Lightweights in the world going at it... well... you can be sure that I'll post that fight up right here when the dust settles.

    Should be another historical fight.


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