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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Touchless Knockout Video

I am not a believer of the Touchless Knockout. When I saw this I thought it was cool and a great carnival side show but certainly not worth raving about because one can only challenge the validity of the claims in the video. Funny that the touchless knockout only works on the students of the instructor who is performing the electrifying move. To me, touchless knockouts belong with touchles car washes and touchless titty bars (my girlfriend is gonna kill me for that one) :-)

Now, we move away from the absurd to what appears to be the possible with the modern day one-inch punch with a little psycho kinetic energy thrown in the mix. Still, I am a doubter of the touchless knockout sorry to say.

This is a cool documentary video illustrating the origins of the one-inch punch along with short distance striking from the Kung Fu martial art. This documentary of the one-inch punch includes the famous Bruce Lee video and some random clips from Kung Fu movies for nostalgia Sunday!

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