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Saturday, March 3, 2007

UFC 68 Championship Poll

UFC 68 Heavyweight Championship Poll Results:

The most votes in a single category in our poll goes to Tim Sylvia as MMA Fever fans feel that Tim Sylvia will win by knock out against Randy Couture tonight at UFC 68.

Randy Couture earned the most collective votes with 251 against Sylvia with a collective 186 votes.

MMA Fever fans don't think big Tim can pull off a submission win yet Randy Couture earned 104 votes to win by submission. Do MMA Fever fans know something other sites don't know?

29 folks don't really care if either wins.

So, judging by the voting, Randy Couture should win tonight by earning the popular MMA Fever vote.

Personally, I chose Sylvia by knockout because he needs a KO to be a headlining fighter at the next UFC event Tim fights at IF Tim Sylvia wins tonight.

What the poll tells us is that MMA Fever fans are looking forward to an historic UFC event that will not disappoint MMA & UFC fans alike.

Either way it goes, fans of the UFC should enjoy the match up and the rest of the under card including Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin's return after their Championship losses.

Check back soon for post fight goodness :)

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