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Monday, March 5, 2007

Is Jesus the new Xyience?

I don't outwardly intend to offend anyone as I wanted to bring forward an observation that I had when I reviewed UFC 68: The Uprising for a second and third time on my cable company's digital video recorder after I bought and recorded the pay per view event. Yes sir, I am a UFC PPV statistic!

I noticed an unusual amount of fighters giving praise to Jesus for their victories in UFC 68 when in the past and most recent events before this one, the fighters would thank their sponsors, in particular - Xyience.

First of all, I think it's cool to believe in anything so all the power to the fighters for giving thanks and praise to their beliefs however, it did feel as though something was missing like a fighter holding a can of Xyience drink held front and center for the camera or a Xyience shirt draped over the shoulder of the winning fighter.

Product placement in television, movies and now the UFC is commonplace so when it did not happen, I felt the absence of UFC approved product placement and promotion in the octagon in the post fight interviews with Mr.Rogan.

I wonder if the absence of the fighters mentioning Xyience had anything to do with Randy Couture's competing product line and if this is part of the package for Randy's return (pure unfounded speculation on my part - don't be hatin').

The real Heavyweight product promotion and marketing championship deal hasn't happened yet but I am sure it will and we may see other fighters promoting Randy's line of nutritional supplements in the not so distant future.

Besides, if you were a fighter, wouldn't you want to be backed, supported and sponsored by a true champion?

Just a thought...

Xyience Vs. Couture Nutrition for the Heavyweight Nutritional Supplements Championship of the World!

I for one would promote Toyo Tires and Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor with one of the tires raised high above my head as I shotgun a Mickey's brew to "Get Stung!" in front of a very jealous and thirsty Joe Rogan :->

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