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Monday, March 5, 2007

Reggie Warren Jr. - Baddest Fighter in the World...

Well, if you ask him. Every now and again I like to mix things up with a little comedy and Reggie definitely fits the bill for that, just don't say it to his face. Reggie is a cross between Joe Dirt and Chuck Liddell with a passion for fighting anyone, anytime and anywhere. Whoever this guy is, he deserves his own prime time show because he is just too funny and on point with his MMA references.

Reggie talks about kicking Nick Diaz's ass at a Mexican restaurant

If you remember "The Karate Kid" movie then you'll piss yourself laughing at this one.


  1. This guy is great! I just found another one of his stories about beating up Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia.

  2. This is a pretty solid david cross redneck impersonation.

  3. This guy is better than David Cross!


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