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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Reggie Warren Jr. - Street Brawler Phenom

In Episode 3, Reggie just kicked the crap out of 7 UFC fighters in one week. Among the wasted are Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes & Tim Sylvia.

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  1. This guy is stupid. I'm surprised you give him any air time. - B

  2. It's comedy... a departure from the politics of MMA.

    ...and there is a huge amount of red tape in MMA so I thought we all need a mindless break once in a while.

    "Mindless break" is the key phrase.

  3. I think this guy's awesome Greg! He's getting a ton of positive feedback on the Underground and I applaud you for understanding his humor. Even some of the fighters who Reggie beats up love the guy.


    Looks like he's ready to fight karo parisyan next


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