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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rashad Evans: "I'm gonna put Tito out"

That was a quote that came from "Sugar" Rashad Evans on MMAWEEKLY radio talking about Tito Ortiz and their upcoming bout at UFC 72 - JULY 7, 2007.

Some notable Rashad Evans quotes captured by MMA fans that listened in to the podcast:

"I'm gonna beat Tito like he owed me money"

"I'm gonna put Tito out"

"I don't think Tito wants to win. Cuz if he wins, he's gonna have to fight Chuck again!"

"I got Dana on the win by verbal KO" (Talking about the Dana/Tito boxing match)

"I'm gonna show Tito what a real wrestler can do. I'm gonna take his soul. I'm gonna show him what a real wrestler can do."

"Tito doesn't wanna fight anymore. He wants to hang out with his girlfriend"

Rashad is coming off an impressive win over UFC newcomer Sean "Smoked" Salmon by way of right high kick that would be sure to impress the man, Mirko Cro Cop. Thankfully, Salmon is now fully recovered and ready to get taken out once again by Eric 'Red' Schafer at UFC 71 on July 7 in Vegas. I hope Sean's melon will be in tact to watch the Liddell/Rampage fight.

I think Rashad is an excellent developing fighter that has evolved with the sport of MMA and in my opinion is the better fighter than Tito Ortiz. Tito on the other hand has been livin' in the 1990's and needs to find another place to train and should stop being Big Poppa to up and comers at BrokeBack Mountain... err... I mean Big Bear so he can focus on his own development.

Then again, I am sure some people have tried to tell him that except the information couldn't get absorbed within his thick head... and he does have a very thick head.

I do hope that Dana White boxes the crap out of Tito Ortiz tomorrow in their publicity stunt exhibition boxing match and by the way, Spike will air the grudge match between UFC president and former Ortiz Manager, Dana White and the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz on Spike TV - April 14.

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