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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mixed Martial Entertainment - MME

I was holding off on posting this story because it is absolutely ludicrous and I don't mean Ludacris. MMA is a sport that is above the rented bling bling and the crappy hip hop music swill. To top it all off, the only person mentioned that has ever thrown a punch is Kimbo (Kevin Ferguson) Slice, the Miami backyard bare knuckles street brawler who knows NOTHING about mixed martial arts. Sad, very, very sad.

From the Fight Network:


Black Entertainment Television (BET) is the latest outlet to dive into the MMA fray, commencing auditions this week for a reality TV series entitled “The Iron Ring.” Under the New Jersey Athletic Control Board’s eye this past week, hopefuls sparred and grappled for the camera in the hopes of being selected. The hook is these fighters will be relegated under hip-hip celebrities who will oversee their training, culminating in a round-robin tournament.

In N.J., musical artist Ludacris attended auditions; while in Florida, Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis and infamous Internet brawler Kimbo Slice will have a hand in the selection process. In Los Angeles, comedian/actor Eddie Griffin and musical artist Snoop Dog have been enlisted.

The project is being spearheaded by Zilo Network Co-Founders and Executive Producers David Isaacs and Campbell McLaren, who with Semaphore Entertainment Group, produced some of the Ultimate Fighting Championship events throughout the 1990s.

Here is Kimbo doin' it "All Day":

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