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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Rashad Evans Fightin' Words for Bisping

From Rashad Evans' blog entry courtesy of

"Mike, on November 17th, you can look forward to staring across the ring at somebody who’s gonna bring immense pressure, something you’ve never felt before. We’re gonna stand and just got toe to toe and battle it out. Believe me, you’ve never felt this before. You probably went to camp with Rampage and Rampage never gave it to you like I’m gonna give it to you. If you got jumped by ten people, I think your ass whipping would be less than what I’m gonna give you on November 17th."

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  1. I like the MSU pic of Sugar Rashad. Very classy. I have Rashad winning over Bisping.

    Check out my blog,, I will link up with your account.


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