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Friday, November 9, 2007

Evan Tanner Returns to UFC?

According to Evan Tanner, this is true however, I'll believe it when the UFC announces a fight with him in it. You see, not so long ago... oh, maybe just over a month ago (October 1, 2007) Tanner posted what appeared to be a cry for help to end his losing bout with Alcoholism.

Now, Tanner is saying that he recently inked a 4-fight deal with the UFC to reclaim the Middleweight title that was once his before Rich Franklin took it away from him at UFC 53: Heavy Hitters on 6/4/2005.

Let's see... Yushin Okami who is 5-1 in the UFC did not have his contract renewed as well, Nate Marquardt has one fight left on his contract and the rumour is that the UFC will not renew it.

So, it makes sense to let go of two quality Middleweight fighters only to turn around to sign someone who is battling personal/psychological demons who has not fought for a year and a half.

Smells fishy to me... either Tanner is lying which wouldn't be a strech for a confirmed alcoholic or Dana White is by far the biggest joke on the MMA scene that I am now waking up to like Tanner does to an empty beer can in the afternoon.

If it is true, why not resign David "The Crow" Loiseau instead of this shipwreck of a fighter and man?

I can't beleive it.

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