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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joe Doerksen's Post Fight Blog Post...Fight...Blog...

...Whatever, here are some words collected into a thought or two by Joe Doerksen after his UFC 78 third round loss to Ed "Short Fuse" Herman who successfully avenged his previous loss to Doerksen.

Joe is under medical suspension following the fight due to a cracked orbital bone in his face. Doerksen will be out for 60 days indefinitely.

Disappointed but not discouraged
November 18, 2007

My experience in New Jersey at UFC 78 was great. The result against Ed Herman wasn’t what I wanted and I made a few mistakes that were 100 per cent my fault - strategic and technical errors - and I also got hurt early on. But considering all the bad things that happened to me, I actually had a chance, so overall it was a pretty good fight. The crowd saw what they wanted to see.

I got hurt when I pushed him against the fence in the first round and went for a take down and gave him an opportunity to throw a knee. I got cut under my left eye and suffered a fracture. From that point on, I had no vision in my left eye.

I had a chance to submit him right at the end of the second round. Everything was perfect: he left an opening and I got the triangle choke in pretty tight but the bell rang. Five more seconds and I would have won.

I should have beaten him, and I think I would given another chance. I didn’t lose because I have less skills, I lost because I made a mistake and he got in a good punch. I definitely don’t think taking the fight on short notice hurt me. I’ll just have to go back and find some things that I can learn from and come back stronger and smarter.

I still feel I’m growing and learning as an athlete and I still feel I have a lot more to offer to the fans. I’ve got to let my eye heal up but I’ll be ready to start training again soon enough. The loss is going to bug me for about a week, but my excitement about fighting will stay. Simply put, I’m disappointed but not discouraged.

Regarding my future, I’m in the best possible place right now as far as my life and career goes. I’m in the best fight organization there is and I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

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