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Monday, November 12, 2007

Bo Cantrell Should be BANNED from MMA

I watched this piece of shit fight again and Cantrell proved that you can take the fight out of the dog. This fight smells of fixing all around it from the time Cantrell peered up to the big screen to check his dyed goatee to the faggot tap out from a phantom elbow strike to the ear lobe.

Kimbo did KO Cantrell's arm pit for sure but man, Cantrell didn't even attempt to get in tight with Kimbo or attempt to defend himself other than tap out as soon as he hit the ground before Kimbo had the chance to unload on Cantrell's poor excuse for a head.

The betting line for Kimbo Slice was -350 so it's not that hard to mortgage your house to place a bet on a fight that YOU KNOW you will win on the bet ticket... not so much in the cage.

This was by far the worst "work" that I have ever seen since Peter McNeely fought Mike Tyson after Tyson was released from major pounding in the ass prison. I suspect that McNeely wasn't in on it as was his corner. Peter doesn't appear to be altogether with it, if ya know what I mean.


OK, I feel better now.... The UFC should offer Kimbo "Kevin Ferguson" Slice a UFC contract just like Brock Lesnar received after his MMA debut ended in a first round TKO against the most dangerous man in the universe, Min Soo Kim.

Tough call between Kimbo & Lesnar.... whadda think?

Kimbo Slice's MMA debut vs. Bo Cantrell (10-11)

Lesnar's MMA debut vs. Min Soo Kim (4-6)

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