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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Paul Buentello on Miami Ink Tonight!

...on TLC at 10 EASTERN / 9 CENTRAL tonight, bitches!

You'll need a DVR to check Forrest Griffin on the SVU and Paul Buentello on separte channels at the same time.


  1. He almost spooged when he mentioned TLC, wished he could get that kind of action. Uh, I guess he was on TLC. He spooged! TLC now know Paul Buentello spooge.

  2. Miami Ink TV Show is one of the highest-rated reality series on TLC, and has catapulted a small group of Miami-based tattoo artists into stardom. Surprisingly though, despite all the fame the show and its stars has earned, one of those tattoo artists claims he hasn't exactly been rolling in dough.


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