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Friday, November 16, 2007

Married With Mixed Martial Arts

Ed O'Neil a.k.a. "Al Bundy" speaks candidly about mixed martial arts and its evolutuion through the years including its inferiority to the striking excellence of Boxing.

From the Couch Warrior...


  1. Just a little senile and one of those guys that knows everything after the fact.
    A little bit like most of the internet.

  2. He strikes me as martial arts purist who isn't into the "mixed" aspect of the sport.

    He's right to a point however, the sport needs time to evolve as the fighters evolve into "well rounded" fighters.

    That will take some time.

  3. What I got from the interview:
    1. He doesn't want the sport to be popular, therefore not attracting better athletes.
    2. He's OK with boxer's taping their hands but not MMA.
    3. I can see your purist point, just don't agree with him, sooooo anti Bruce Lee.


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