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Monday, November 12, 2007

Couture is a Good Guy

I have fun ragging on Couture mostly because I like it and also because it really, I mean really pisses off the readers who secretly want to be Randy's sex slave for the weekend. Well, I came across a press release that made me want to ease off they guy for a day or so.

Props to Randy Couture and the worthy cause for those true heroes most often forgotten.

National Dental Group Donates $43,000 to Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture’s Wounded GI’s Charity

Founded to help wounded GI’s and their families, members of the National Dental Group have donated more than $43,000 to Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture’s charity organization.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) November 12, 2007 –- Clearwater, FL top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan Bromboz, and one of the founding members of the Dental Services to ‘Wounded GI’s, will be donating dental services to select wounded war victims and their families.

His office also serves as one of the national collection depots for leftover Halloween candy. Participants just have to stop by the office at 2701 Park Dr., Suite 4, Clearwater, Florida (727-712-3837) with their candy to receive their free toothbrush. The candy will then be collected and sent overseas as part of positive morale packages to give that boost of appreciation to our troops around the world.

Steps will then be taken to identify local wounded troops seeking dental treatment for themselves and their families. The group members will donate their services to help alleviate the burdens and complications with life after active service and loss of work due to injury or death.

Dr. Bromboz practices dentistry in Clearwater, Florida.

Vicki Bromboz

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