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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

20 Million Bucks to Brand UFC as MMA?

Kleenex is to tissues as Xerox is to copies as Coke is to cola as Mixed Martial Arts is to UFC?

Hmmm.... Now I know where the Couture and Fedor money went.

From Inside the 8

"Advertising industry magazine "ADWEEK" has announced that the UFC has signed a $20 million dollar contract with R&R Partners for a huge new ad campaign in the US.

The R&R agency wants the public to identify the sport of mixed martial arts as "UFC".

A representative from R&R said, "While the hybrid-fighting matches are and would probably remain popular among 18-34 males, R&R's charge is to grow from the niche target audience and make it a more viable product for all demos and educate sports fans on the sophistication of the sport. Because the fighters use combinations of martial arts, wrestling and boxing, there are many nuances influencing how fighters are rated and appreciated"."


  1. Don't forge Jello, Pentium and Sheetrock.

  2. I generally stay away from forging these items as they don't take well to heat. forge = forget (in some far away land)


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