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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kimbo Slice - Quick Quotes

When asked by about his upcoming fight against Bo "Imes Gogoplata victim" Cantrell (10-10)

"Ready to bust some heads in Texas. Body, head banging. Where are the body bags?"

In response to what to expect in Kimbo's MMA debut this Saturday on Showtime @ 10pm

"I hope blood. A little bone breakage. Something like that there, he says. "I try to make it happen. I hope it ain't my blood."

In response to his popularity...

"After we were told we'd received a million or something hits on the Tube, that's when we figured we'd need to make the right contacts and get some mainstream opponents and do something on that level. You got to come to a point in life where you reach a plateau. I'm at that point with the backyard," says Kimbo.

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  1. those are the worst quotes ever they make no sence

    you are a fucktard


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