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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kevin Randleman's Staph Recovery w/ Pics

Hat tip to Punch Drunk Gamer for the pics and the exclusive gory interview.

This is still the most fuckin' gross thing I've seen in a while... enjoy your Lunch today!

Good to hear that Kevin is getting better.


  1. i hope sat is close cuz dat is gross

  2. try, I hope that is closed, because that is gross. and you won't sound like you've never taken a class in your life.

  3. Coming from a guy who just put "and" after a full stop to start a new sentence.....

  4. In my opinion, Kevin is one of the best mma fighters of all time. He always brought the main ingredient to great fights, INTENSITY. I hope he fully recovers. God bless Kevin and his family

  5. That is insane how did he get that?

  6. anyone else have wood????

  7. Randleman’s career stalled three and a half years ago when he contracted a lung and staph infection which required surgery, and a recurrence of the illness kept him out of action .

  8. the first anonymous post was funny, but the second anonymous post was epic....

  9. Cara, só lamento estar passando por esta fase, sendo um dos melhores lutadores em video, detentor de um dominio impar no ringue com um westling afiadissimo, tem que voltar a mostrar todo o incrivel show em suas lutas. Portanto desejo toda a sorte e força possivel na recuperação.


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