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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Matt & Matt on Men's Fitness Covers

Maybe Men's Fitness knows a thing or two by placing Hughes on the front cover and the current UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Serra on the back of the December issue of Men's Fitness. I for one would be pissed if I was the champ on the back cover...

I'm picking Hughes to win not because I like him but for the simple reason that GSP would walk through Hughes again to reclaim his Welterweight strap again when they fight in Montreal next year baby!!!!


Matt vs Matt on the cover of Men's Fitness Magazine

The temperature's rising inside the pages of December's Men's Fitness with Matt Hughes and Matt Serra facing off on the cover. The special gatefold cover of this issue is worthy of this historic matchup. All this excitement is paving the way to UFC79, one of the most anticipated fights this year especially coming off another hit season of The Ultimate Fighter where the two men served as competing coaches.

The magazine went behind-the-scenes with Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and #1 Contender Matt Hughes to get an idea of how they live and how they train. Practical step-by-step exercises that help get Serra and Hughes into shape are accompanied by the real heat between these two arch-rivals. Check out this lengthy story about what makes these men great rivals and great fighters.

Pick it up on any newsstand today!

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