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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anderson "The Spider" Silva @ 205?

When Anderson Silva crushed Rich Franklin for the second time at UFC 77 in Franklin's hometown of Cincinnati, the MMA community clamored to discuss a suitable opponent that just might give the Spider some competition for the UFC Middleweight Championship title.

Many names were tossed around such as Matt Lindland, Dan Henderson and Paulo Filho yet none of the proposed opponents for Silva seemed to be near or even, at the same level of overall MMA prowess as the phenom from Brazil, Anderson Silva.

Today, released an exclusive interview with Anderson Silva and the Spider has spun a new web for all to get tangled up in discussion with:

GV: You fought in the 93-kilogram [205-pound] weight class in PRIDE a few years ago. Did you consider fighting in this weight class in the UFC?

AS: When I fought in PRIDE, there was no under 83-kilogram weight class, so I had to fight under 93 kilograms. UFC offered me to fight in this weight class [185 pounds], so I play there. Everybody has their own problems, and my problems are all under 83 kilograms. But if I have to fight against the light heavyweights, I'll do this. My regular weight is 97 kilograms; so to reach 93 will be easy for me.

If you've been a fan during GSP's title reign and also Chuck Liddell's title reign then you've heard both talk of moving up a weight division to capture the coveted strap that designates one as UFC's version of "Best in the World". Matt Hughes has also mentioned in passing that he would like to move up a weight class to take on Silva.

It's clear that Hughes is still delusional from Georges St.Pierre's Superman punch to the forehead.

To date, neither GSP or Liddell have followed through with jumping up a weight division to take on new talent to further solidify each as MMA Legends mostly due in part to their recent title losses within their current weight divisions which, takes precedence at the moment to recapture what once was their crowning glory - UFC Champion status.

With the news that Anderson Silva is quite comfortable fighting in the Light Heavyweight division brings new hope for the fans of Silva and MMA alike in that, we may very well see a concurrent UFC title holder of two weight classes.

The only human to accomplish such a feat is Dan "Hollywood" Henderson when he knocked out Wanderlei Silva for the Pride FC Middleweight title at Pride 33 in February of this year to compliment his existing Pride FC Welterweight belt.

Is it possible for Silva to jump up to 205 at a time when the UFC Middleweight division is in such disarry with the dismantling of Franklin (Ranked #2 Middleweight in the UFC) and now the loss of Yushin Okami who was not granted a contract extension by the UFC brass?

That's a long question that should result in a resounding YES! by everyone connected to MMA including the key decision makers at Zuffa. This would afford the UFC to rebuild the Middleweight division with upcoming talent while Silva's Middleweight belt rests untouched as he traipses through the Light Heavyweight division in search of solidifying himself in UFC history, MMA history and also the undisputed best pound for pound fighter on the plant.

All worthy and attainable titles for a man who is as humble as the superhero he idolizes, Spiderman.

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