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Monday, April 30, 2007

Mayweather vs. Sherk

Mayweather vs. Sherk

Interesting item from NBC Sports.

"The war of words between boxing and the UFC has heated up lately, with Floyd Mayweather Jr. questioning the legitimacy of mixed martial artists, and UFC fighters firing back that he'd be in for a rude awakening in a cage. UFC President Dana White recently said that he'd be willing to put up the money to have Mayweather fight lightweight champ Sean Sherk in the octagon. Here's the matchup."

My two cents: Mayweather is a good fighter and all however he has taken a few too many punches to his head.

I believe that pro boXers have realized they are being surpassed by the popularity of Mixed Martial arts and in particuliar the UFC.

The Sherk would have Floyd on his back in a matter of minutes and would Floyd do then?

Nothing, that's what.

Boxing is dead.....


  1. Boxing is dead is right. I voted for Sherk on the NBC Sports poll. I was surprised 10% thought Mayweather would win. Give me a break. Sherk can take a hit, and he would simply ground and pound Prettyboy (real original) into Uglyboy. I liked how NBC sports has a UFC link. Where's the boxing link? Boxing died when Buster Douglass KO'd Tyson.

  2. First Of all boxing is not dead...Boxing will never go away at all. The UFC will go away before boxing will, boxing has 10x the fan base and grose shit loads more money.

    Boxing Cannot be compared to UFC and vice-versa, if a boxer went into the octagon they would get annialated, and if an MMA fighter stepped into the ring they would get annialated as well, the sports are too different.

  3. The all-time record year for boxing was 1999, with just over $200 million in combined PPV revenue, and the UFC broke that record by over $20 million in 2006.

    UFC did about 5,225,000 in domestic buys with a total gross revenue for PPV events of $222,766,000. The 10 live PPV shows did over $40 million.

    The UFC PPV revenue was up over 700 percent over 2005!!!!

    Is boxing dead yet, no but it does not have the same appeal as it once did. No superstars.

    The UFC is on the rise and with the buy out of Pride the show will only get better. More fans will continue to jump ship to MMA.

    When a boxer such as Floyd Jr. goes on TV and puts down MMA he is open to comparisons about who would win.


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