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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White inferred that the HBO events will be higher in stature than the Spike TV events but still lower in stature than the pay-per-view events. As an example, White said that you could expect to see the winners from future seasons of The Ultimate Fighter have their first post-TUF fights on HBO after they win the TUF competition, whereas the UFC Fight Night events would be the home for all of the fighters who are on TUF and get UFC contracts even though they didn't win the TUF competition.

As another example, White said that you can expect to see Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira fight on HBO, and he added that Nogueira "will fight one of the top guys right off the bat." White said that fans can expect to see top-quality fights whether any given UFC event is on HBO, Spike TV, or pay-per-view.

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  1. Maybe I just don't get it, but why bother with HBO, especially if the sports part of it does not want MMA, I think MMA is doing fine without it, but this could be more a political thing, in which case I hating politics would not get it either.


    Broken Samurai X

  2. I think it is actually pretty cool. I love the shows on Spike, but HBO takes it to the next level of main stream. To me it makes perfect sense. Dump boxing for the next evolution which is MMA. Think about the last 10 years how any good boxing matches there have been. MMA has a whole cast of fighters from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, education levels etc. America is going to love this sport as much as we do, and HBO may help that happen. I'm looking forward to seeing a different production spin on UFC events. In my opinion, the HBO production should be different. The fact that the CEO vetoed the Sports Director is awesome! HBO just needs to get the right people in the commentator seats. The have to get that right. If they put that Bryant Gumble in there, I will cancel my HBO.

  3. Since you don't have an email I just wanted to ask if you were still alive? Things been happening in MMA-land and you're nowhere to be seen.

  4. Still alive and kicking like Gabriel Gonzaga.

    I've been busy with work managing two stressful departments and I just bought a house so that has pulled me away from my MMA passion and this site in particular.

    I apologize for the gaps in posting and will for sure amp up the MMA coverage from my twisted MMA mind.



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