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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Heath Herring Vs Giant Silva

Well you MMA freaks, its time to honour the Colonel's favorite star Heath Herring.

I found this little gem of Heath going against the Giant Silva, a fawking munster. This one was taped in Sept 28, 2006 in gay Paris.

The first round drags a bit however you must watch as you get to see Heath get smacked on the top of this head multiple times.

After round 1 they do a reply of those very smacks to Heath`s head. Good TV like this is worth watching.

Round 2 is short and suprising. I won't tell you who wins. ;)


  1. I love how Giant Silva uses "The Bitch Slap" against Herring.

    The bitch slap should be used more often then followed up with the "PIMP Hand" to finish off the opponent or unruly trick.

    Great stuff Colonel!

  2. What about the "where's my money biatch" triangle?


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