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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tank Abbott vs. Gary Turner - Cage Rage 21

Tank Abbott was recently back in action in Cage Rage 21.

I do appreciate him having a beer after the fight.

Here is an idea for Dana White, how about Tank Abbott for a coach in the next season of the Ultimate Fighter?


  1. HEY dude do you by any chance have "After the Bell" for UFC 70?

  2. Tank Abbott as a coach? Are you kidding that guy is an idiot.

  3. Right, I'm sure he was being serious. Not to mention next season is already announced (serra / hughes)

  4. yo man, your site has gotten very weak since december. c'mon, i dont care if you cant find the videos, you had some good articles and insight. i used to check every day, now i check this like once a week.

  5. quit crying and get a life you piece of shit. and tank abbot as a coach would be hilarious all that geezer has is punching power

  6. Tank Abbott is a slob and should never have fought in the UFC he was a bum. If you made it past his first flurry of punches you were in the clear for good because he was f*cking gas'd (disgusting). The only training he ever did was gettin the beer to his mouth.


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