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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Tito recently spoke out to MMA News Dot Com. How do you feel you match-up with Rashad?

Tito Ortiz: I think Rashad is a very fast, agile wrestler with good boxing skills. I am questioning his ground game. I really think my strength and my endurance will have a factor in this fight. We’ll see though man. I think what makes the fight so interesting is Rashad is an undefeated fighter, he’s fought some pretty decent guys - not guys on the level that I’ve fought, but at the same time I think that makes the fight more interesting. He’s a young guy coming up really fast. He has good striking skills and he’s knocked out his last two opponents. He has a good wrestling background, it's just one of those things that makes a fight so interesting. Now are you training with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for his fight in May with Chuck Liddell?

Tito Ortiz: Actually he just went up to Big Bear. I’m down here for a week and a half in Huntington to finish out my training here then I go up to Big Bear. I helped him out a little bit with his wrestling but I know he has his training guys up there now in Big Bear. I have a lot of business stuff down here in Huntington for the next week and a half so I can’t be up there to train with him but once I’m done down here I will be. How do you see the fight between Quinton and Chuck going in their rematch?

Tito Ortiz: I think it will be a very interesting fight. I think Liddell better come in great shape because Rampage will definitely be in great shape. Hopefully Rampage will beat him, he has the tools to beat Liddell. In the last fight that they had he did beat Liddell and it came with numbers, he struck with numbers and it wasn’t just one punch. That was the mistake I made when I fought Chuck Liddell - I just tried to throw one punch at a time and I think that Rampage will actually set the thing in stone by throwing in numbers. That’s the way I should have hit Liddell, throwing punches three-four-and five. Would you get in the octagon with Rampage if he were to beat Chuck?

Tito Ortiz: I think that really comes down to me and Rampage sitting down and talking about it. There’s a possibility, maybe, but it’s all about the money. I don’t want to take any food out of his kids mouths and he doesn’t want to do the same with me. If we’re getting paid an enormous amount of money then sure the fight could happen but until that time comes we’re going to stick together as friends and never let it happen.

The Colonel's two cents:

Tito vs. Rashad.

Although Rashad has proven himself to be an excellent fighter with some awesome knockouts lately, I believe Tito would prevail. Tito has a better game at this point in their respective careers. Rashad may last a round however I believe he would not make it out of the second round. I do hate Tito. Tito talks about dominating the sport, well dominating means you are able to take out the best. You couldn't take out Chuck so you ain't dominating, however you will dominate Rashad.

Rampage vs. Liddell.

Rampage its not going to happen for you buddy. Chuck is at the top of his game. I see Rampage being Tko'ed in the first round. That's right.

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1 comment:

  1. I really really really hope that tito ortiz gets wrecked, just for the plain and simple fact that he is a cocky asshole who backed out of a 3 round sparring match with The UFC President Dana White (pathetic btw) anyways rashad evans is a tank i think he will lay a beatin' on tito.

    Rashad does need to work on his ground game though because i gaurentee tito will take him down in the first round!


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