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Monday, April 9, 2007

Koshcheck: UFC 69 Post Fight Interview

Cool quotes from Kos...

"I'm a winner and he's a loser"

"It's Dirty Sanchez"

"I came to fight and he ran"

"He didn't bring it"

"Maybe next time he'll get some balls and bring it"


  1. Another cool quote... "I needed to keep my com- my posure." (You had it right the first time Josh). I also liked his quote on the Shootout preview when he said he needed to ex-speedy-ite his training. Wasn't he a colegiate wrestler? Anyway, I think fighting was a good carrer decision for him. It must be nice to say that you are the only person beat a 19-0 fighter. Diego can come back down to earth now.

  2. Yeah, He won the fight, but winning that fight would not be something I would be proud of, it was boring, safe and instead of laying and praying he hit and ran away all night. Don't get me wrong, diego sucked, and did not look like himself, and KOS did deserve to win, but the fight was so disappointing, I would have told the crowd sorry.


    Broken Samurai X

  3. Just glad to see Sanchez lose.

    That bitch probably cried in the dressing room.

    Boring fight to watch.

  4. yall are dicks.. kos out smarted him and busted his mouth up.. now he wont run it so much.. diego was scared after the first right that kos connected... get over it not boring ... BRILLIANT... he took "DIRTY SANCHEZ" out of his game and beat him .. and by the way sanchez was the one trying to avoid kos not the other way around... GO KOSCHECK

  5. That's a good one "kos out smarted him and busted his mouth up" Yeah that Kos is one SMART guy! What's his MMA record again???


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