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Monday, April 9, 2007

2007: The Year of the Upset

This year has been explosive and unpredictable and exactly why mixed martial arts is the greatest "pure" sport on the planet. I have included a cool video montage that highlights some of the most recent disappointments the fighters have had in their bouts.

So, if I said Cro Cop could lose at UFC 70 against Gabriel Gonzaga NOW, many understand that every fighter, no matter what their skill level, "Has a puncher's chance", as Randy Couture likes to say often.

'Everybody Hurts'


  1. I cried during this video.

    Seeing Franklin lose was hard.

    I was glad to see him come back in his last fight against the Canadian Copper.

  2. I hate that Franklin fight.

    Hate it hate it hate it.

    Of all the upsets in MMA this year, that one left me the most dissatisfied. Couture/Sylvia is a close second.

    Also, no Pride fights in there. Gomi/Diaz and Henderson/Silva were in the same night and those were HUGE.


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