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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Koscheck: An Eye for an Eye

Well, one good turn deserves another and so Josh Koscheck wishes Diego Sanchez a Happy Easter on Diego's MySpace page after serving the Nightmare his first MMA loss of his career to go with his Easter turkey dinner.

Previously, Sanchez had wished Koscheck a Happy Valentine's Day so the love affair between the two Welterweights over MySpace intensifies and now that Matt Serra is the new Welterweight Champion with Matt Hughes and GSP wanting championship rematches, this division is arguably the most exciting weight class in the UFC today.

Oh yeah, Happy Easter everyone!


  1. The Sanchez/Koscheck fight was one of the worst I have ever seen. I'll admit that I was a Diego fan up until last night, but after that piss poor showing I am no longer. I can't imagine what was going through the mind of Greg Jackson last night. Koscheck's showing wasn't much better. Didn't he say during the pre-event interviews, "I'm not going to lie there and eek out a decision," or something to that effect? Seems like it was absolute bullshit to me.

    Diego deserved to lose, but if Kos gets a title shot with that performance, I can honestly say that I hope he gets beat like a rented mule by whoever he faces.

  2. u r a loser.. your fighter got beat, out smarted, and busted in his smart ass mouth... now he wont have much to say for a while... lol.. and by the way dumb shit.. diego was the one not pushin the pace kos was in the center of the ring the whole fight diego would occasionally run and swing at him and josh would move out of the way of sanchhez's recklace charging and return to the center of the ring to land some more head kicks and right hands... ha.. diego deserved to lose that fight..


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