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Monday, April 2, 2007

Iowa Senate Votes to Deregulate MMA


Yeah, it seems to be that the ignorant politicians in Iowa state want mixed martial arts deregulated which means that the UFC or any other organization would never have the opportunity to sanction an MMA event in Iowa... ever.

Here's a quote from Sen. Herman Quirmbach, D-Ames who is pushing to ban the sport of MMA rather than deregulate it and has rightfully earned MMA Fever's dishonorable distinction of being, "The Tool of the Day!"

"That's not a sport. It is a barbaric, disgusting, degrading and subhuman activity that really has no place in the state of Iowa,"

From Radio Iowa:

"Quirmbach argues that "ultimate fighting" isn't really a sport. "There's nothing (sportsmanlike) about holding someone down and beating them over the head," Quirmbach says. "There's nothing (sportsmanlike) about drawing blood profusely. There's nothing sportsmanlike about people being permanently disabled."

Senator Bill Dotzler, a Democrat from Waterloo, isn't wild about the sport either. "You can sit on somebody's back with their head to the ground and punch 'em with your fist as many times as you want in the temple. Basically, the only thing that's not allowed is a blow to the back of the neck or a blow to the groin," Dotzler says. "If you try to regulate this to make it safe, that pretty much bans the sport."

And Dotzler says there aren't enough votes in the legislature to do that. "So because we can't regulate it, because we can't ban it, let's take us out of the regulation business...and allow those individuals who want to profit from this barbaric sport...they will be the ones held liable and not the state of Iowa," Dotzler says.

Senator James Seymour, a Republican from Woodbine, doesn't like it. "We may protect the state from liability...but I would submit to you that someone who is permanently disabled is likely to end up at the state's cost for the rest of their lives for medical treatment," Seymour says. "The state loses either way." Despite those arguments, the Iowa Senate voted 35 to 12 to approve a bill that gets the state out of the business of regulating ultimate fights. That bill now goes to the Iowa House."

What a TOOL!

It is important to note that Miletich Fighting Systems headquarters is based out of Bettendorf, Iowa and currently trains some of the most elite fighters in MMA today. Fortunately, they cannot stop them from training as the deregulation only affects the legal sanctioning of MMA events in Iowa.

To read the rest of the bad news, click here

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