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Monday, April 9, 2007

Serra & GSP UFC 69 After the Bell

Courtesy of The Fight Network


  1. GSP is absolute class. You can't help but not like this guy, unless you are a complete hater (or a Hughes fan). I wish the best for GSP and certainly hope he comes back to take the title from whoever wins Hughes/Serra. Not to mention that fight will most likely be in Montreal.

    WAR GSP!

  2. everyone is saying Serra has heavy hands. That might be true but he hurt gsp with what is really an illegal punch behind the head. Why is nobody talking about that. A fight can't train to protect himself there. That punch is what started it all so I don't know what to say.

  3. Excellent post ceaser.

    GSP is class and will come back, and Serra deserved this win.

  4. GSP is a class act all the way...can't and shouldn't take anything away from Serra though; look at the tape closely and you'll see the only hand that looks like it hit GSP in the back of the head is really a "push" not a strike.
    Big Up, East Meadow Strong Island!!

  5. GSP is the man. class act.

  6. Oh yeah that's it must have been an illegal punch... GSP = good guy, Serra beat his ass. Period. Deal with it.

  7. watch the replay he catches him behind the head with a left hook


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