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Friday, February 16, 2007

Takanori Gomi Highlight

Not much is known in North America about the number one ranked Lightweight in the world, Takanori "The Fireball Kid" Gomi. Gomi will fight against former UFC fighter Nick Diaz in Las Vegas on February 24 for Pride 33 - The Second Coming.

Here is a highlight of "The Fireball Kid"


  1. Hello Greg,

    Great Blog! I was wondering if you could help us find a list of what bars in the US will have Pride 33 showing next weekend.


  2. Hi Sal, I'm searching for the sports bar locations for Pride 33 at the moment and I have not found anything yet.

    The UFC has bigger draw in North America than Pride due to UFC's exposure in North America so the bar owners may not be aware of the Pride 33 event on February 24.

    What you can do in the meantime is look up the past UFC 67 sports bar locations, find your local watering hole and phone them to see if they will be showing the Pride 33 event. Tell them you'll be bringing in a large crowd and I am sure they will pay the $40 to show the event if they were not aware of the Pride 33 PPV.

    Here is the link to UFC that detailed the locations in the United States:

    Here are the locations in Canada:

    If and/or when I find the sports bar locations, I will be sure to post them right here.

    Great question and welcome to MMA Fever!

  3. Hey Sal, here is direct link to's site:

    Not much information from the link I saw... more boxing PPV focussed however, there is a toll free number to call to inquire further - 1-888-258-7116

    Hope this helps :)

  4. Thanks Greg!

    Also, I always assumed it cost more for a bar owner, since they charge about $10 a head.


  5. You are right. For Sports bar licensing, it is roughly $1000 to broadcast a UFC PPV event. I don't have the exact figure as this is only what I have heard.


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