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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Canadian Press Should Thank MMA Fever

... for inspiring them to write an article about Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture.

Here is the headline I wrote after hearing time and time again from Sylvia that he wants his opponents to bring the fight to him instead of avoiding him.

"Tim Sylvia wants Randy Couture to Bring It! "

Now here is the headline from The Canadian Press - UFC heavyweight champion Tim (The Maine-iac) Sylvia says bring it on

What's interesting is that I wrote my piece on Sylvia and Couture to somehow meet Tim's challenge by figuring out a strategy to beat the big man on March 3rd even though I don't give Couture much of a chance, if any with his current fighting style.

The direction I went with my article was to say that Sylvia is scared shitless about submissions because he lost twice to them in his past quite easily so that is the reason why he was a little standoffish and considered boring by the fans in his last two fights. Tim fought against Jeff Monson (submission specialist) and Andre Arlovski (who beat Tim for a second time in his career by submission). He's the Champ, if the opponent doesn't like it then, "Bring it!".

I caught the 680 News story as I was reading one of my favorite sites, Fight Opinion and I thought they had linked to me for the third time this week but much to my schagrin, it was a 680 News (my own friggin' hometown AM radio station's website) story courtesy of the Canadian Press, written by Neil Davidson.

In the story, Neil also writes about Tim's black bear hunting trip. Well, that's funny, MMA Fever broke that story to the MMA community. I have the traffic logs to prove it too. Isn't it funny how all of his story research on "his" article has come from was appears to be, MMA Fever!

Anyway Neil, I am flattered that I have inspired you to write a piece on well, nothing new. That's right, you wrote about nothing new with no interesting storyline angle other than young big guy fights older coming out of retirement little guy. YAWN! At least my angle was specific to fight strategy which, I am sure is nothing that you would know about unless you reworded it from someone's site.

Neil and (CP), be sure to come back to be inspired again and don't be afraid to make mention of MMA Fever, you are more than welcome to do so.

Then again, it could all be a coincidence, right?

If not, Canadian Press and Neil Davidson, see picture above and to the left.


  1. Dude...It's the news...Not a novel. Just be flattered if it is indeed true, that your little blog was able to "inspire" a professional journalist from the CP, which is a world class news organization btw. Don't be upset, just keep writing.

  2. Thanks,

    I'm not upset at all, quite the opposite. There is no way to know if it is true or not, it's just a very uncanny coincidence that I thought was also an excellent opportunity to shed some light on my viewpoint between the upcoming UFC 68 match.

    I also wanted to thank Zach from Fight Opinion for linking to this start-up "Up Start" blog about MMA.

    I'll keep writing for sure because my passion for the sport drives me and I am very fortunate that others enjoy the site as well.


  3. I have a few issues with Mr. Davidson myself. If this is indeed true, then at least you should know that it isn't an isolated incident.

    I wrote an an entry not too long ago about Vitor Belfort opening up a cut the size of "the Suez Canal" above his right eye in a fight.

    A few days later, Davidson used that same line. And, I actually debated using the Suez over the Panama canal becuase it was more obscure.

    There are other examples, that being the most blatant, that I have on file.


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