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Monday, February 19, 2007

Win a Black Bear Hunt in Ontario with UFC Champ Tim Sylvia

Ok, this one caught me off guard a bit because I am not a hunter and I find out that the UFC Heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia is hunting Black Bears in my backyard. I'm from Toronto, Ontario and I'm sure the hunt will take place a ways north of the big smoke 'cause there ain't no bears around here, well, maybe on Bay St. in our financial district.

Wow, you get to spend five days with the Maine-iac in the brutally humid Ontario heat in the middle of August in God's country.

Any Ontario cottager can tell you that hunting black bears are the easiest thing to do with very little effort. Just drive down to the local garbage dump and you'll see a bunch of them snacking on last night's dinner served up in a garbage bag. No cheating Tim!

Good luck finding the bears, they'll smell you a mile away and look for cover... kinda like Randy Couture's revised game plan for fighting big Tim Sylvia at UFC 68, March 3rd in Ohio.

Here is the link to the Bear Hunt PDF flyer page if you're interested in getting sweaty with Tim.

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