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Friday, February 23, 2007

Jerry Millen: "Dana White, Put up or Shut up!"

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These were the words used by Pride USA producer Jerry Millen when interviewing Wanderlei Silva in front of a crowd in Las Vegas, Nevada outside of the Thomas & Mack Center for pre-fight festivities with Pride fans awaiting the Pride 33 event happening tomorrow.

Wanderlei, in a diplomatic fashion said he didn't know what the problem is and Jerry Millen said, "We know what the problem is, Dana White... two words, Dana White. I'm calling out Dana White myself. Put up Dana or shut up."

"You guys tell Dana White that Jerry Millen said 'put up or shut up'."

I wrote about this earlier in a post titled,

Who Cares about a Rampage Vs. Chuck Liddell Rematch?

Good to see others supporting my claim that Dana White is ducking the big fights against his PPV Champions. Dana is doing his best to look out for the UFC's bottom line at the expense of its fans.

It's all about, "Money, money, money, M-O-N-E-Y!"

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