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Friday, February 23, 2007

Chuck Liddell Wants Cro Cop & Fedor


I saw a thread at Sherdog Forums that pointed out that Chuck Liddell was on the Bubba Show (Sirius satellite radio broadcast show) saying that he wants to fight Cro Cop and Fedor Emilianenko.


Really, you have to listen for yourself... it's pure audio (click the volume slider) - no video:


Chuck states that he wants Cro Cop first, then Rampage and Wanderlei Silva then finishing up with Fedor.


Seriously, I am a huge Chuck Liddell fan. I like his sprawl and brawl approach and heavy hands and strictly business, no hype style. What you see is what you'll get and you'll be marked for life when he's done with you... in the Light Heavyweight division!

Let's be clear, Chuck is a huge 205 Lb man in his weight class. It wouldn't be difficult at all for Chuck to fight Heavyweights however, he just said he wants to fight the number 1 & number 2 Heavyweights in the world in Fedor & Cro Cop.

Chuck, I know you whooped Tito's bitchy little ass and you dropped Babalu, again, however, I think you are biting off more than your 37 year old frame can handle. Please don't become the next Randy Couture who you also KO'd twice in the last two meetings.

Is that it Chuck? Are you inspired by Randy's return to the octagon in the Heavyweight division and think you can dominate the best in the world there too?

I'll give you wins against Wandy and Rampage, that's a given, but Fedor and Cro Cop?

Chuck, you and everyone else knows it takes one punch to win. If you fight Cro Cop, I fear that he will left kick your signature Mohawk off your skull, have it fly into the air and land between Jenna Jameson's lap... as if most haven't seen what's between Jenna's lap... Tito of course! What were you thinking? ;)

Fedor feels no pain. Fedor has NEVER been knocked out. He has been rocked ONCE, only to come back and win the fight. Fedor is the reigning Pride FC Heavyweight Champion who has never lost a Pride bout... EVER, and that includes his decision win against Cro Cop!

Hey Chuck, I like you right where you are as the most dominant Light Heavyweight Champion in the UFC. Please stay right where you are.


  1. I think Chuck is doing a smart thing by saying he would fight all those guys. Will it happen, probably not, but if he really means it, it just makes me like Chuck all the more, and I already think he is one of the best. Plus, now pride fans can't say that Chuck would not fight their best. But be honest, wouldn't you love to see those fights.


    Broken Samurai X

  2. Hell yeah!

    It would be bitter sweet to see my favorite fighters clash against each other.

    Maybe one day we'll see a Grand Prix of sorts that gets the best fighters in the world up against each other with no belts at stake and no MMA organization fronting the event.

    Well, I can dream anyway :)


  3. All chuck needs is the right timing to land his 1000+lb force right hand on Fedors sloppy head.

  4. cro cop chuck this will be greate


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