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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Nick Diaz Post Fight Interview

Nick Diaz is a guilty pleasure for quite a few MMA fans when he is letting his punches loose in the ring or doing the same with his mouth outside the ring. Nick is great at giving a REAL interview and not some jumbled catch phrases that some other fighters give. Nick has passion and it comes through very, very clearly in this video. Nick also shows his battle wounds on his face and they are not very pretty.

This is Nick Diaz's Pride 33 post fight interview:


  1. Nick- just shut up and fight. You make Mike Tyson sound articulate. You did really good and are on top right now. Just train, fight and STFU.

  2. Good fight for Nick and now he is on top. Good fawking beat up face as well. Gotta love pride.


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