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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pride 33 & UFC 68 Sports Bar Locations

Yeeee Haaaaaaaa!!!!!

Get yer drink on for back to back Saturday's at yer local waterin' hole to watch the best of the best barn burners of Pride for Pride 33 "The Second Coming" on February 24 and also, UFC 68 to witness "The Uprising" on March 3rd.

Two more valid reasons to go back to Hooters... as if you really needed some.

Licenced Pride 33 sports bar locations in Canada

I have emailed Pride FC for information about sports bar locations in the United States however, they did not show me the courtesy of returning my message. All is not lost though, I know that the usual bars that are licensed to show the Pride 33 event in Canada are also the same bars showing the UFC events.

If you are interested in seeing Pride 33 in the United States at a sports bar near you then I suggest checking out the link below that has confirmed UFC 68 licenced sports bars. Call up the establishment of your choice and ask if they will be showing Pride 33. My guess, based on the huge number of Canadian locations listed would be a definite YES!

If you happen to come across the U.S. locations, please drop me a comment with the information.

Licenced UFC 68 sports bar locations in the United States

Well, that's enough to put a good sized dent in any wallet. I have to warn you right now, there is going to a massive amount of MMA action in April for PPV so stay tuned to MMA Fever and we'll help you find that oasis showing the world's biggest MMA events.

Y'all come back now ya hear!

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  1. Anyone know where to go in SoCal?


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