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Monday, February 19, 2007

Jesus and Fighting Don't Mix?

I was doing my rounds today and stumbled upon a post at's UnderGround Forum. Sorry, I cannot locate the post now 'cause the forum content moves really quickly however, I still have the link to the Christian Message Board that posed a very simple question:

Does anyone watch UFC?

Ok, I know you may be thinking, "Who cares" however, the interesting twist is that the people on the message board were divided about whether watching UFC and MMA fighting is a Christian thing to do.

Now before you get mad at me, I want to state clearly that it is not my intention to piss off anyone who is Christian. I am merely reporting a forum discussion that happened on a Christian message board that framed the topic around watching UFC fighting. Don't be hatin'

Ok, some of the posts struck me and I have included the one's that I found to be very interesting below. What I also found interesting was the way in which each Christian poster argued their position back and forth while quoting passages of the Bible to emphasis their points for or against watching UFC fighting.

Not one of the posters used foul language (something that I am currently working on) or flamed each other. Instead, it appeared as a very calm, controlled argument about UFC fighting and the Christian belief. Just seeing that was a first for me and I'm sure if any of them spent 10 minutes on Sherdog Forums then they will definitely get an immediate test of their self control.

By the way, Matt Hughes is a Christian and he proudly displays a biblical quote on his site at the top right corner of his leaderboard banner. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is also a Christian UFC fighter and there are others as well.

Here are some of the message board posts that I found interesting:

"I watch it but sometimes feel guilty that I am deriving pleasure from guys beatin' the crap out of each other, or putting on sleeper holds etc. I mean, why don't we go all the way and fight to the death like the old gladiators? If we are the temple of God's Holy Spirit and the image of God shouldn't we be ashamed when it's abused so shamelessly? Just some food for thought."

"I know what you mean, I feel guilty as well and your absolutely right, christ minded people shouldn't enjoy voilence just at the sight of it. We should love our bretheren and not enjoy the sight of pain to others. "

"What makes you think God is against violence to begin with? Or that it's "wrong"?Let's start there. "

"... Would Jesus participate in something like this? (here and now) "

"Ge 32:24 And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.Ge 32:25 And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.

God sent the Angel to wrestle with him...not for fun...but obviously He isn't against a good fight."

"For my own part I think the following verse speaks quite plainly regarding God's attitude on this subject:
"The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, and the one who loves violence, His soul hates." (Ps.11:5) "

"The spiritual battle is at hand right now. Christ was and is a warrior for our souls.Exodus 15:3The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name."

I have noticed many niche forums that have an MMA thread or subforum. In fact, I receive traffic from these niche forums and some of them would surprise you, or maybe not because the MMA Fever is contagious and its spreading throughout the world at a rapid pace.

Like I have said before, this is the breakout year for mass appeal of Mixed Martial Arts because in my opinion, it is the most exciting spectator sport on the planet... well, next to catching knives in your teeth.

I feel like going to confession now, I'll be right back!


  1. Ok, here is my response.
    I am a Christian
    I am a pastor in training with the Salvation Army
    And I love MMA. I have been watching MMA and UFC in particular for about 2 and a half years. I think it is one of the most exciting and true sports out there. For the most part it is not about guys wanting to kill each other, it is about athletes preforming to their highest potential. Almost all the fights I have seen, after it is over the fighter talk to each other, shake hands, hug and talk about having respect for them. I do not see it as being against Christianity, and as you said, there are guys like Matt Hughes and others who love competting in MMA and do call Jesus their savior.

    I love watching MMA. I have about 5 friends in training with me that also like it. Would Jesus do it, probably not, but I think He had more important things to do while he was here.

    I liked your post about it, it is fair and I don't think their is any hatin going on. Some Christians will be against MMA, but then lots of people are who do not understand it. Thanks for bringing this up and for continually posting great MMA articles and info.


    Broken Samurai X
    (Cadet Peter Percival at the College Of Officer Training of the Salvation Army)

  2. Thank you,

    I didn't want to impart any bias in the post and left it up to the reader to validate the content and come up with their own opinions without any bias or influence on my part.

    I included a picture of Kimo Leopoldo who happens to be a former UFC fighter and a practicing Christian Minister. I am sure that most people missed that subtle hint even with the name 'Jesus' tattooed on his abdomen.

    I happen to embrace the differences in others as I allow any and all posts from anyone including Anonymous posters while some people tell me I am crazy to do that, it's what makes this site fresh and devoid of censorship so the playing field is fair for all.

    I wish I could say the same for another highly popular site that recently deleted a comment of mine on their site because of their insecurity and "no balls" approach to moderating :)

    I supported Tim Sylvia and said he would dominate Randy Couture... Yeah, you know who you are!

    I am without a religious denomination (don't tell my mother 'cause I was raised a Catholic ;)

  3. Check out the info I found about Kimo on


    $1,000,000 Bounty placed on Kimo's head in New Era Fighting's "World's Toughest Man" contest

    SANTA ANA, California (February 19, 2007) - The highest purse ever offered in the history of Mixed Martial Arts competition -- $1,000,000 - could be on the line for the winner of the New Era Fighting-promoted "World's Toughest Man" contest.

    New Era Fighting (NEF), the internationally booming mixed martial arts organization combining the raw brutality of UFC with the entertainment value of WWE, will hold a series of international level tryouts, tentatively scheduled to begin June 15-17, at a venue in Orange Country, California.

    Each tryout in the proposed series will be conducted during a three-day tournament during an 8-10 month period. Combat fighters selected will advance to the next round, where they will fight each other in a tournament format to eventually determine the remaining 10 survivors.

    The 10 tryout-survivors and some fighters already signed to NEF promotional contracts will compete on a show in either California or Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned "World's Toughest Man" and be offered an anticipated $1,000,000 winner-take-all fight against living legend Kimo Leopoldo, headlining a full card for a pay-per-view broadcast live from in Las Vegas at a date to be determined.

    Kimo, the undisputed superstar of New Era Fighting, in effect has had a $1-million bounty placed on his head. "I've had a bounty, of sorts, on me my entire life in one way or another," Kimo said. "I've fought in a lot of other organizations and what we're (NEF) doing is bringing up the average purse for NEF fighters as well as give fighters with other organizations another option and leverage in terms of earning more money. There are no excuses for any fighter (heavyweight) to enter the NEF tournament. If champions and top contenders from other organizations want to fight in the 'World's Toughest Man' tournament, they are welcome to fight and have sufficient time to work things out. Instead of just claiming that they're the best or the baddest fighters in the MMA world, now they all have the chance to prove it.

    "For any of them to even have a remote chance of beating me and winning the $1,000,000, though, they'll have to look me in the eyes and go where I'm willing to go to win - whatever it takes, no limits with the force and 100-percent spirit. They will need to be a complete fighter - kicking, striking, cardio, etc. - to get through the tournament and then fight me. This is street-fighting that crosses over to sports. I've been in this sport 12 years and it is evolving through New Era Fighting, which will use the toughness of old-school fighting combined with the great athleticism of today. New Era Fighting will be the only MMA organization with a poll of complete fighters."

    NEF president Ron Kort noted that the "World's Toughest Man" contest will not only give fighters an opportunity to ultimately fight Kimo for $1-million, but also be scouted in the tournament for their fighting ability and charisma outside of the ring for a potential NEF promotional contract offer.

    "I'm in the process of reviewing bids and proposals to lockdown venues, television relationships, and sponsors but nothing has been finalized, yet," Kort explained. "We are in no hurry and understand the importance of aligning ourselves with the right marketing relationships. Our rules for this show are different from what MMA fans are used to seeing. They will insure the safety of fighters as well as constant action in the ring. We think outside of the box, something most MMA promoters don't do, and that's why our popularity is growing every day. We know what fighters need and MMA fans want and we're selfless enough to give it to them."

    For more information about New Era Fighting call 877.6.NEW.ERA (877.663.9372)/714.448.9999 or go on line to



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