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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marlon Sims Tells Another Story

Ok, this one is a pure gem for you if you've been watching TUF5. As you know, Marlon Sims was and still is bragging about the hundreds of street fights he's been in and I have to say that he tells his stories in great detail with overwhelming enthusiasm.

I can also see why the rest of the dudes in the house got tired of his story telling because Marlon is... shall we say... over the top.

In the story Marlon tells below which he left on the TUF Forum, he had me on the floor laughing the second when he mentioned a "Tiger Claw". Marlon Sims IS the real life Reggie Warren Jr.

Too much fun!

In case you missed the TUF5 backyard fight between Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas I've included it below Marlon's tall tale of street fightin' prowess.

By the way, did you know that Dana White signed Marlon and Noah to a UFC contract to fight the night of the TUF5 finale following both fighters exile from the TUF5 house?

Without further adieu... Mr.Marlon Sims, take it away!

By: mrindestructible (36)
On: Jun 4, 2007 | 8:14 PM

Hey Roberj and everyone else, sorry I'm tardy for the story, but I do have a full time job and my girl is always hogging the computer for her clinical studdies. Well it's story goes.

It's Wednesday night in S.F. and I'm visiting my buddy at his bartending job on my night off from my restaurant "Le Colonial". My buddy Paul mixes a mean margarita, not to sweet, tart and refreshing the way a good margarita should be. I sit at his bar untill he closes down and then we adventured to the Mission district to Beauty bar where the clientel is usually modern attractive ladies and mellow hipster dudes. For some reason they started to promote a "Hip-Hop" night this particular wednesday. My buddy Paul and I thought nothing of it and went in, drank shots of what else.....Tequilla!! Chased by Margaritas of course. We were having a great time dancing with the ladies and listening to killer tunes. Apparently at some point, my buddy danced with the wrong girl and didn't know it. We went to the bar for a refresher shot and when my buddy bought the shot I looked down, grabbed my drink, and looked back at him to say "Cheers".........well my buddy was no longer there. He was falling to the floor about 5 feet behing me.

A small circle had formed behind us and when I quickly reached over and grabbed him from hitting the floor hit me. He had just been blind-sided and the reason the crowd had formed a circle was because they new before we (or just me) new what was happening. I picked my unconcious and very timid and mellow buddy off the floor and shoved him into the crowd to be swallowed up to safety and grit my teeth and turned and faced what was coming.....a fu@#ing hurricane of fists, feet and canes.

Before I knew what was going on I was tackled at the midsection and pushed back to the bar, where by this angry black man, was held strategicly in place (he grabed onto the bar railing behing me to secure his grip). All at once I had a guy kick me repeatedly in the nuts while anothe man grabbed me by the neck to start wailing on my beautifull (ha-ha-ha!) face over and over again untill he stepped aside to allow his big african-american friend to wind up and bust a cane over my left eye-temple region. Yes I saw it coming and there was nothing I could do. Bang! It breaks over my head. I was about to go out when addrenaline and booze completely took over and I was able to grab the dude who had me against the bar by his balls and SQUEEEEEEEZED untill he yelped in pain and let go long enouph for me to free my arms and put him in a headlock. When I turned him he blocked his buddies for a second and it was long enough to land 3 or 4 solid punches to his nose. He squirted blood out his face, screemed loudly and dropped out of my grip to the floor. Dude who had me by the throat jumped over his buddy grabbed my neck again and bent my back over the bar. He was big. I'd say at least 6' 2" by the way he god leverage on the bar. He reared back to drop a huge right hand on me. I was blind to him cause me head was facing the cieling from his grip and all I could do was feel his arm and hand around my neck. I reached up quickly, found his face, palm struck his jaw and came down with a Tiger Claw to his eye-sockets (old school Kenpo, never dies, just gets better with age : ) This was one continues sequence. I know I got him good cause There was blood on my hands and screemed like a little girl, turned away from me, and ran out the front.....Whew! I was finally out of his grip, and no one was holding me to the bar any-more.

I finally caught my base, stood strong in my fighters stance ready to go and was more focused now the addrenaline had worn some of the alchohol off. There were two big-ass brothers in there Fubu gear jumping around in front of me now. My buddy Paul, who I see in the backround now, has come to and was looking at me with his jaw wide open. One of the guys in front of me was the one yeilding the broken end of the cane he had broken over my head and the other dude was......well just a black man hoppin' around. I lunged forward with a Thai-style front kick at the guy with the cane-end and caught him dead-center in his chest.......he flew backwards off his feet onto the ground at the edge of the crowd that had formed a now bigger circle. His buddy lazilly (as if he was pretty tired at the point) threw a looooooping rite hand at me. I realized this was the ahem...gentleman kicking me in my gonads. As his slow a$$ punch was coming around the bend I let fly my own groin kick......I don't think he was expecting it......he went crosseyed as it landed squarly on his package. His knees crossed and he fell forward only to meet my left switch-kick on his way to the ground. He was laying in a pool of his own blood for a while. Dude with the cane stood up, put his hands on his knees took a deep breath and said "Yo man, we all cool. We gonna get up out this bi%&h. We got now beef wit' you. Your homie was hittin' on my girl and we was fellin' to put a hurtin' on yer boy......I'm out". He then turned and walked away. I let him cause', to tell you the truth, I was ****ed up and tired myself.

I could feel the blood coming out my lips, nose, head and eye-ball. My nuts felt like someone had been kicking them repeatedly and the alcohol wore off just in time for all the pain to set in at once. Anyways, I missed work for a week cause' of bruises, cuts and black eyes. Couldn't walk the next day, or day after that (the groin thing) and only one of the dudes was still there for the cops when they arrived. Oh least my buddy Paul made it out with just a sore jaw. He would of been killed by the hommies. They were an experienced rat-packing bunch of hoods who were gonna Monkey-stomp his head untill brains came out his ears. I was happy to help him. I'll do it again for him if he needs me, just like I'd do it for any of you out there in computer land.

Hope you all liked the story. I had fun remembering this one. It happened about 18 months ago. Well it's late here in Miami and I have to be up early for my morning training, but I wanted to get this story to you as I was late in the first place. Take care everyone. Peace out!!


  1. wow! just . . . wow!

  2. marlon is such a wanker.

    ...a pretty tough wanker though.

  3. entertaining story. Who cares if its true or not..

  4. Hahaha, what a jackass. He was drunk and still managed to remember every little detail about this fight. If he trained as much as he sat around making up BS stories, he might be a good fighter!

  5. Dude I loved the black guys comments at the end, straight out of the 'stereotypical black guy in gangster movie comments' "we up out of this bitch" haha, and the cane shit wtf? he was just getting wailed on and had a cane broke on his head and was just about to go out when 'alcohol and adreneline kicked it' wtf? this sounds like a middle schoolers story about how he got really mad and felt like he was the hulk when he attacked a bully. I wish i could only hear more of these, like the one where hundreds of guys were coming at him from all directions or whatever BS he was saying on the show. This was obviously made up as an excuse to miss practice.

  6. this guy is a moron. Why lie about all this stuff and even if it is true a pro fighter shouldnt go about picking in his words '100's of street fights'

  7. Hahahaha!!! This dudes mma record does not reflect all his fight experience he talks about. He is currently 3-4. He lost more fights than he has won. I thought he was "Mr. Indestructible?" The worst part is his losses never have gone to a decision. How do you call yourself "Mr. Indestructible" and get TKOd in the very 1st round (which was the case in his most recent fight?! WOW!!!


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