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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TUF Moms

I was perusing The Ultimate Fighter Forum and I came upon a thread titled "Weems" as in Wayne Weems the TUF5 contender that had the least amount of TV time on the show and it appeared also that he had the least amount of talent but with a huge heart to compensate for it.

There was nothing really out of the ordinary in the TUF thread until I read a post from someone called 'fightfans':

"maybe we can get Weems to respond to this. At any rate, he was there the entire six weeks, no matter how much skill you people think he had. As with all of the fighters, he had to send an audition tape and then he had to go for the interview process. The show stated this was about "the 16 best up & coming fighters."

The show never promised that all of the fighters had years of training. How many of you that have bashed him throughout the series even have the guts to get in the octagon? He continues to train and is still making appearances. Maybe, someday he can prove that he was on the show because he belonged there. Time will tell!"

It would be interesting to know why he isn't fighting. First he was told he wouldn't fight, then he was told he would be fighting, so as his Step-Mom and Dad, we booked our vacation package on Allegiant Air (hotel for 3 days and our flights). After we booked, we were told he wouldn't be fighting. We can't get a refund so we have to take the trip or lose our money completely.

No tickets to the finale, no explanation, no nothing. Since we wen
t through this much expense, it would have been nice to see the finale whether Wayne fought or not but I guess we will spend our 3 night/4 day vacation sight seeing. Maybe Dana will see to it that we get tickets to the finale, but heck who knows.

The show was interesting but wasn't really a reality show. I guess we can sum it up to a learning experience both as parents of a competitor and fans of the UFC.

Then a little further down I read a post from 'colesmom' as in, Cole Miller's mom:

"It is a shame to hear that Wayne is not fighting at the Finale, and that his parents booked the trip to see him fight, only to be disappointed. He worked very hard and deserves the chance.

As far as fight tickets are concerned, I don't think the fighters are given any...I had to buy them for my family. I couldn't afford any up close, so Cole's brother, grandmother, and I will be sitting in the nosebleed section.

When I saw that Wayne wasn't fighting, I assumed he was injured. While I am glad that he's not injured, I am sorry he isn't getting the chance he deserves. Fightfans, I hope you can enjoy your trip in spight
of things.

Best Wishes,
Cole's Mom

More from Weems's mom:

Oh my...thanks for everybody's support.

Colesmom, I am so happy to see you on here.Can we be two proud parents of competitors. Sure wish other mom and/or dads would have joined us on here (and earlier in the season). I doubt that there is anything that can be done to get Corey & Wayne to Vegas. Corey did receive some broken ribs during training (not sure how many or how it know what happens in the gym stays in the gym...LOL!).

Anyway, Im not sure why you had to purchase tickets. Unless I have misunderstood, I thought the competitors each received a few tickets, but please don't quote me on that. Ask Cole if you
shouldn't have tickets at the box office of The Pearl....again, I am not sure on this. If not, do enjoy your nosebleed seats. If you would like, I can pack a few cotton balls to stuff in your nose or bring an extra box of Kleenex for you. I do like to share! How is Cole doing....what a much skill for such a young guy!

As for all of the people that have lent their support. We thank you and are very appreciative. I am sure that we could buy a couple of tickets but why would we want to spend the money for good seats when Wayne isn't goin
g to be there. Don't get me wrong, but in a way, I guess this is our way of boycotting.

I am a firm believer that being closed off from the outside world for six weeks, attending the workouts (no matter how he was "portrayed"), and doing his janitorial duties (sweeping up the fruit) should have at least gotten him a ticket to watch his friends and foes (Wayne doesn't have too many of these) showcase their talent, skills and a little of their DNA at the finale. I sure wish we could at least get him there to see the group that he lived with for 6 weeks.

As for Monstah, honestly he has no control over who the UFC picks to compete at the finale. We can't really expect him to tur
n down such a big opportunity. Congrats, Monstah! As for the UFC bringing in guys that weren't on the finale...shame on them! (as if this makes any difference to them).

OMG, maybe they used part of the cost of Wayne's trip to purchase PRIDE...

Well, I will comment where comments are warranted on this subject. We really have enjoyed the season (yes, including th
e antics of Gabe (did you take Queen Colleen home with ya??), Noah (which was easier, your workout with Tony or your yardfight with Marlon?) and Marlon (got any stories on Wayne from the trip to NY & NJ)

At any rate...everyone please stay in touch. Colesmom, maybe some of us parents can get together during the trip to Vegas).

BTW, I saw in one forum someone said Wayne looked like a 17 year 17 years old, he weighed 103-112 pounds (If I can convince hime to climb in the very large hot pick suitcase that m
y daughter is loaning us, we'll bring him with) J/K

Then comes slamming into the discussion is resident forum housekeeper and all around BIATCH - Cindy:


"Can Cindy help do something about this too? I thought I read somewhere that she knows Dana, or knows how to get in touch wiht him or something. Don't you think that would be the right thing to do Cindy?"

Wow... just wow. Weems really didn't make an impression on me so I have s
kipped this thread until just now.

After reading the entire thing it has me shaking my head.

What do I think the right thing to do is? Weems should have handled this himself with Joe Silva. His step mother coming on a Zuffa owned and operated message board complaining about the company her step son wants to fight for in the future is not the best way to improve the impression Weems may have made on Dana and Joe. It would surprise me if he isn't a tad bit embarrassed by some of the comments.

The UFC, first and foremost, is a business. Nothing posted on a message board in cyberspace is going to influence the way they conduct their business.

I would be surprised if Dana even knew about the discontent of Weems' parents before today because he stays SLAMMED 24/7 and while I don't agree with the way this has played out on the forum, I did just make Dana aware of what happened and how Weems' step mother feels about it.


"Maybe Dana will see to it that
we get tickets to the finale, but heck who knows."

>>> Have you or Wayne bothered asking Dana or Joe Silva for tickets? If not, you most certainly will not get any.

"The show was interesting but wasn't really a reality show. I guess we can sum it up to a learning experience both as parents of a competitor and fans of the UFC."

>>> The show was created to inform, educate and entertain mainstream viewers about MMA and its effectiveness skyrocketed this sport to a level of awareness beyond what many thought was possible in such a sh
ort period of time.

Four previous seasons aired before Wayne's did and the way the show is filmed and what producers fixate on should have left no surprises for the incoming cast. These guys are there to build the UFC and the sport of MMA and if they are lucky, their careers will benefit as well. Zuffa owes them nothing beyond the opportunity they gave them to compete for the contract... nothing.

More than just the UFC decides on who will fight on the finale show. Spike TV has a hand in the selections as well and perhaps they collectively didn't feel Wayne would be a fighter folks would care to see again therefore he was pulled from the line up. I don't know, I'm just trying to offer another point of view.

Anyway, I brought this to DW's attention so good luck. You went about this all wrong and if I were an employer who had given Wayne the opportunity of a lifetime and my repayment was his family posting negative comments about me on a message board I owned and operated and causing others to do the same w/o having brought the problem to my attention first, he'd never be in another one of my shows. That's just me.


Ok dudes, this is a serious lesson for all of you, DO NOT MESS WITH MMA MOMS!

Check this reply to BIATCH Cindy from Weems' stepmom:

By: fightfans (56) - Ignore user
On: Jun 18, 2007 | 10:25 PM


First off I will state that my opinion has nothing to do
with the way Wayne felt about his participation on the show. He has clearly stated to us that his chance of a lifetime was nothing but a good experience. Yes, we are thankful that the corporation afforded Wayne the opportunity to participate on the show. Again, it is my opinion and my opinion only.

Secondly, I am not asking for tickets for the show. I stated that we could have bought tickets after we found out that Wayne wasn't in the finale but we chose not to. Yes, I did make the staement that maybe Dana would see to it that we got tickets but I really wasn
't serious.

Last but not least, as a forum member I am as much entitled to an opinion just the same as every other member. I am not out to bash anybody but in my opinion every competitor on the show should be entitled to at least attend the finale whether they are slected to compete at the finale or
not. I have watched many of the reality shows and MOST all of them invite their contestants back to attend their season finale. My opinion is no different then your opinion of Wayne. Opinions are to be taken with a grain of salt. I have read many of the forums regarding Wayne and all of the other competitors. While I don't agree with some of the posts, I allow people their opinion and leave it at that.

Now Weems drops in to clear some of the confusion (he's no grammar scholar, that's for sure)

By: wweems23 (11) - Ignore user
On: Jun 19, 2007 | 8:06 AM

WOW.. I just wanted to drop my 2 cents on this subject.. First off let me start by saying in other posts that i made and other people made it said i practiced at MFS about two times before the show wich is some what true it probably was more but not alot but what is never said is
that i only was there a handful of times becaus i was out of town liveing with my manager practiceing twice a day trying to get ready for the show.. Should i have stayed at MFS looking back on it probably but for some reason i took a different route. As far as me not fighting on the finally I was told i would have a fight on the finally and always assumed on the show i would get another shot to prove that i belong in this sport so i keep my mouth shut minded my p's and q's so i would get kicked off the show or jepordize my shot in anyway. When i found out i was fighting i told my friends and family some of wich bought tickest to Vegas for the finally. I was then told i would not be fighting but no reall reason was given. This left my friends and family to make to choices eat the tickets or go some chose to eat them and others chose to go. As far as me not going to the finally does it suck sure But im not going to beg for tickets thats not what i do i would like to see the guys i trained with in the house fight but i m not going to beg the ufc or zuffa for tickets.. I wish everyone the best that fights on the 23 ultimate fighter 5 contestants or not..


Weems drops another literary masterpiece that looks like it was written by his MOM this time:

By: wweems23 (11) - Ignore user
On: Jun 19, 2007 | 3:39 PM

First off I will begin by addressing Cindy

I was told by my manager, who was supposedly informed by Joe Silva that I would have a fight in the finale. I don't recall the exact date when I was told this information. While I was in NY around May 16th for my Tough Lunch Interview, I received a call from my manager inf
orming me that I was no longer on the card. Then I received a call from Joe Silva saying that I shouldn't give up but I should continue training. Other than being told I wasn't fighting, I didn't receive any further explanation.

As far as what you posted from Mike C. I have NEVER claimed to be an MFS Fighter. I have the utmost respect for the Miletich Fighters. I do not believe and h
ave never said that I am at the same level as the MFS Fighters. I will not take claim to be an MFS Fighter until I can represent them the way they are known. When I go to workout I do workout at Miletichs Gym, but this by no means makes me or labels me an MFS Fighter. There are numerous people from the general public who go to classes at Miletich but that doesn't make them MFS Fighters either.

I have no problem with Zuffa, DW, SpikeTV or any other people associated with the show. I learned alot about what it takes to compete at the level of the UFC. As far as me not attending the finale, yeah I would like to, but then again who
wouldn't. After I found out that I wasn't fighting, nobody offered me any tickets to the finale and I am not one to call and ask anybody for tickets. Someday with more training maybe the UFC will give me another shot to prove that I belong in the UFC.

As far you people that go to other forums and copy and paste entries, please feel free to copy and paste any entry that I make on this forum because I do not visit other forums.

I am not bitter or upset that I am not in the finale or attending the finale. I wish all of th
e competitors, TUF5 competitors or not the best of luck.

Pulver Round 2 by knockout!


In a few later posts, TUF Moderator Cindy says that Weems was released from his contract in mid-May and he is one of four fighters who were dropped from the sixteen with the other three being Gabe Ruediger (for not meeting fight weight), Marlon Sims & Noah Thomas (backyard brawlin').

Cindy claims that this is the reason why Weems wasn't granted a ticket with he rest of the TUFers because the UFC wants to protect their brand.

Protect their brand from what? Shitty fighters? Hey Cindy, did you see UFC 72?

So, what did we learn here class?

Corey Hill broke a rib in training and was supposed to fight Allen "Monstah" Berube in the TUF 5 finale.
Weems can't write or fight for shit
Weems' Mom and Cole's Mom are cool

Weems got screwed over. He was told he was going to fight then for no reason or courtesy of an explanation, Weems was pulled from the TUF 5 finale fight card AFTER Weems' parents bought plane tickets with the intention to fly down to Lost Wages to proudly watch their son fight in the UFC.

The UFC crushed the dreams of the Weems family without an apology or an explanation.

Oh well, fuck him, Weems sucks anyway and this is the last we'll ever hear from this punk ass wanna be MMA fighter that should have never been allowed on the show in the first place.

I wonder what Stifler's Mom would have done?


  1. New reader to this site and I must say that this post made my day. That Cindy girl is a whore.

  2. WTF is this? Days of Our Lives?

    UFC get off your asses. You give hundreds (if not thousands) of tickets away to each fight. Give Weems a little bonus and tell him he's to give it to his family for any inconvenience. Weems was a loyal employee for the UFC and he should be compensated from the $ (millions) the UFC makes off TUF.

    It seems like Dana needs to spend a little more on Public Relations. His brand isn't some ma and pa thing anymore. He should protect it by hiring a good PR staff.

  3. Is that Cindy a UFC employee or just a cheap whore for Dana? Seriously now, Weems shouldn't have been on the show, but no one forced Dana to take him. He should follow through and do what is right. Then he can dump Wayne on the side of the road and Cindy with him.


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