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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Xbox 360 Wireless Money Saver

I just got done with a wireless bridge hack in order to connect my future Xbox 360 to the internet. GTA 4 brought me to the breaking point of buying a 360. If you had any doubts about GTA 4, let Bas end them...

I can't wait for some online Soul Calibur 4 and Fable 2 action!


  1. Holy shit! MMA props on GTA 4 and a future UFC video game. Fuck's time to dish out for the 360.

  2. Are you guys just an mma-news link site now? How about some content dudes?

  3. What happened to this site? This was my favorite mma blog

  4. Thought this was an MMA site?!? The posting has been really weak. I use to enjoy the comments on the news but there hasn't been enough of it. Now with this 360 nonsense it seems like someone is getting distracted or uninterested with the current happenings. Whats going on with the Affliction/Adrenaline mess and Ill Will?

  5. Video game addiction is a bitch :)


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