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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tito Ortiz “Dana White is a Wannabe Gangster”


  1. Labor is the source of all value. I really like Machida and think he's going to go on to be a champion but I'm rooting so hard for Tito in this fight.

  2. Wannabe gangster? Pot calling the kettle black, Tito.

    Tito's days are over and he's trying to blame everyone but himself. Tito was always an above average fighter with a big mouth. He has served his purpose and now it's time to ride Jenna off into the sunset.

  3. You make yourself look bad Tito. Keep telling yourself you stood with Chuck, yes you where standing, while slapping and covering up. You did help promote and grow the sport I must but your time fighting (beating up guys smaller than you) is up.


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