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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Shit On Frank Mir?

Well, in case you actually have a life and cannot stay on top of every MMA movement just know that Frank Mir will become the next Ultimate Fighter coach for TUF8.

Spike TV on May 12, 2008 announced that Ultimate Fighting Championship interim heavyweight titleholder Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira "Big Nog" and former champion Frank Mir will be the coaches for the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The season, which premiers on Spike TV on Sept. 17, will return to the two-weight class format. It features light heavyweight (205-pound) and lightweight (155-pound) fighters. Production on season eight begins in late May, with the entire cast to be announced in September.

Nogueira and Mir, after serving as coaches, will meet in an as-of-yet unannounced pay-per-view event for the title.

Back to the shitting part... by that of course I mean that people just don't respect Frankie and his talents. They see Frank as a nice guy and former UFC Heavyweight Champion but feel that he is a broken fighter since he recovered from his motorcycle accident and feel he hasn't yet shown the same dominance and intensity that was once displayed when he broke Tim Sylvia's arm.

Hmmm... coming out of shape to fights looking like an MMA fan instead of a fighter probably didn't help him either with the die hard MMA fanatics.

I like Frank, he's young, a big motherfucker, soft spoken and could turn just about anyone into a pretzel in the blink of an eye and dare I say it... even Nogueria.

Frank is 11-3 in his MMA career which is miles away from the "Nogueira experience" at 34-4-1 but there's something about Mir and this match-up that I think will silence the MMA pundits for a while as they pick their thong out of their asses then sctrach their head in disbelief.

As you know or may not know, Nogueria has never been stopped in a fight. That's right, nobody has knocked him out or even subbed the BJJ master. All of Nog's losses happened by decision which says a lot about the toughness of the man called Minotauro.

I thought Werdum or Arlovski would be close to taking the belt from Big Nog but I never really believed they could weather a 5 round storm with Nog much less end the fight against him in victory.

...but there's something about Mir, his size, his toughness and his accute BJJ skills paired with his rediscovered winning mindset today that should make anyone in the HW ranks nervous including the current UFC HW champion.

Nice job Joe Silva and Dana White!


  1. A dude that big teaching world class jiu-jitsu to all the (badly needed) fresh heavyweights? Yeah what a horrible move.

  2. Read more closely. He'll be teaching to light heavyweights and lightweights, not heavyweights.

    Mir will find a way to win that fight and get his title back, too.

  3. Greg, your posts are awesome, my fave mma copy on the web by far. Keep up the great work.

  4. ah my bad, thanks. i guess i just assumed that was the case because it's OBVIOUS that the ufc has to step up their heavyweight game.

  5. Mir should improve his stamina. all of his recent fights he was exhausted after couple minutes of fighting.
    I doubt he can submit Minotauro in few minutes :)
    With proper conditioning he have all potential needed to become a champion.

    (MMA to Eurosport please pretty please)

  6. Yeah I totally agree, his BJJ is very slick, but I sincerely doubt that "slick" is gonna catch Big Nog in the first round. If his cardio isn't ready to go five and finish as strong as he starts, he'll probably be in for a long night.

  7. ... it's because Wandy is a washed up has-been on his way out of the limelight, while Mir is a former champion on his way to regaining his belt and returning to the limelight. Wanderlei has always been overrated. He can't even speak English for crying out loud!

    War Frank Mir snapping Nog's arm just like Sylvia's and sending another loser Pride fighter packing.

  8. he only likes Mir because he is American.

  9. Wow "Greg you are a fucking moron keyboard warrior. I hope u die you piece of shit. Who the fuck do you think you are sitting behind a computer talking shit on professional fighters. You probably got your ass kicked a whole lot as a kit, so your only recourse is to sit behind a keyboard and run your cocksucker. May wandy soccerr kick your head into mush! By the way FUCK YOU"

    You're an idiot whoever wrote this. It's an MMA blog, what is he supposed to do, not talk about UFC fighters?? Seriously, should he just write about baking or knitting sweaters?? You're a moron Greg is the man, and even if I don't always agree with him, atleast he's putting things out there and knows how to write with decent grammar, unlike your illiterate self.

  10. Someone remove the kid from this blog please and place him back in english class.

  11. I second your motion!

  12. P.S. Greg, get back to work, it's been over a week since your last post, we're jones'ing over here!


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