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Monday, May 12, 2008

Sherdog's Mike Sloan has some Balls

Finally, I come across an MMA writer from a prominent MMA site at who actually has an opinion, not very informative mind you, but an opinion nonetheless.

His first pubic hair raising question to the MMA masses which he eventually shits on was why the fuck "Nick Diaz isn't one of the most marketed and popular fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts?".

Well, Mikey the reason for that would be five-fold:

1. Nick's claim to fame win in he UFC was against Ruthless Robbie Lawlor 4 fuckin' years ago!
2. Diaz lost to Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs and Sean Sherk in a row in the UFC.
3. Diaz did skillfully apply the gogofuckyouplata on the Fireball Kid for a submission win at Pride 33: The Second Coming however... NSAC overturned the win and declared the fight a No Contest because he tested positive for weed in his piss.
4. Diaz lost to K.J. Noons in the first EliteXC Lightweight Championship title bout back in November 2007.
5. Nick Diaz is not a consistent fighter.

Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate Nick Diaz's moxy and fighter's warrior spirit but this guy is simply a loose cannon who hasn't taken the sport seriously similar to what plagued B.J. Penn before he dropped down to 155 last year for TUF 5.

Drawing comparisons between B.J. and Diaz is the best way to highlight similarities in talent between the two and also contrasting maturity levels with B.J. light years ahead of Diaz in this sport.

Nate Diaz, Nicky's younger brother is everything that Nick Diaz could have and should have been in the UFC.

I have to quote Sloan's piece about Anderson Silva vs. GSP:

Let's All Calm Down, Shall We?

"Virtually nothing within Mother Earth's embrace is as predictable as the fight fan.

In the aftermath of hundreds of mixed martial arts events and thousands of fights, it has become effortless, if not second nature, to almost directly quote imminent "expert" blog analyses, myopic e-mails and cluttered chat room banter rooted firmly in kneejerk reactions.

I suggest the fight world take a collective deep breath, hold it in a while and let the performances of the fighters and the outcomes of contests marinate in its mind.

In other words: Let's calm down just a little bit, shall we?

For starters, it's time to lay to rest the absurd arguments of a Georges St. Pierre (Pictures)/Anderson Silva showdown and how great a fight it would be. I briefly touched base on this "dream fight" a few months back, and now I feel the need to squash this illogical cerebration for good.

As great a fighter as "Rush" is, he'd stand little to no chance against "Spider" and the reasoning is quite simple. Silva is the greatest all-around striker this sport has ever seen, whereas St. Pierre is not even close. GSP is probably stronger than Silva, but on the ground the Brazilian's submission prowess would nullify St. Pierre's attacks. And Silva is much too big a fighter naturally, and a great big man always beats a great small man.

So with that put into print, let's move away from this fight, as it would wind up being one of the biggest mismatches in main event history."

Silva/GSP aside for a moment... Did you catch that shot Mike Sloan took at you, the MMA fan?

In MMA Fever words, he's calling you a predictable Tool for regurgitating what you read online and then calling for a P4P match with the best fighters in the world immediately after one of the so-called best P4P fighters crushes their opponent.

Nice shot Mikey but the fact is that YOU are the Tool who is so far out of touch with the PULSE of MMA and the fans that keep the sport alive today for you to fumble through your elementary prose.

How did Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes at a catch weight of 175Lbs at UFC 60 come about again? Oh yeah... the MMA FANS wanted it, Bitch!

Back to the absolute drivel that Sloan wrote about GSP standing "little to no chance against "Spider"....


Sloan, if you knew anything about this sport or the fighters you wrote about then you wouldn't have written that piece of shit about GSP vs. Silva.

Seriously, what the fuck do you know about the fighting styles of Georges St.Pierre and Anderson Silva instead of pointing out that Silva is a better striker on his feet and is also well adept at submissions?

Sloan, I'm calling you Bitch from now on so Bitch, here's what you need to know about fighting style dominance and the intangibles which decide fights in MMA Today.

I'll break it down in the simplest terms so you'll understand better...

Think, Rock-Paper-Scissors...

1. Wrestling
2. Jiu-Jitsu
3. Striking

Wrestling beats Striking
Jiu-Jitsu beats Wrestling (debateable, so fuck off)
Striking beats Jiu-Jitsu

Wresting beats striking because when you take a striker down, they have no defense.
JJ beats wrestling because JJ can be used to win fights off of the back.
Striking bets JJ because the secret to JJ is in grappling and not fending off 5 punch/kick combos.

With GSP and Silva, we have two people that are at the top of the MMA food chain in their weight divisions and also in all three fighting styles.

Wrestling - Advantage GSP
Jiu-Jitsu - Advantage Silva
Striking - Advantage Silva

Hmmm.. on paper, it looks like the Bitch is right but look again you'll see he is also regurgitating knowledge of a previous fight between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson at UFC 82 in which Silva was able to submit Hendo by RNC in the second round.

The last I checked, GSP is not Dan Henderson. Georges received his brown belt in BJJ from Renzo Gracie on July 21, 2006 which gives GSP the knowledge on the ground to defend against submission attempts and also counter them offensively.

The intangibles I spoke of are injuries and stamina:

We know that Silva has bad knees and that could be a factor in the fight if it were to go beyond the second round which it would. GSP is in tip-top shape and injury free.

GSP is the friggin Energizer bunny when it comes to conditioning so GSP gets the advantage should this match ever go the full five rounds if it were ever a title fight because Anderson is untested in later rounds within the UFC.

So let's add to the list shall we and see what the outcome could potentially be:

Wrestling - Advantage GSP
Jiu-Jitsu - Advantage Silva
Striking - Advantage Silva
Conditioning - Advantage GSP
Injuries - Advantage GSP

Bitch, you've got your head up your ass and under a rock which I give you full credit for because that's a hard thing to do. GSP is unlike any other fighter in the world just the same as Anderson Silva who is also in a fighting class unto himself.

I don't know who would win this fight if it were to happen but I sure as hell would pay triple to see that fight because I respect the fighters, the fans and the fuckin' sport of MMA, Bitch!

What did the dude say to the Transexual Sherdog MMA writer?

Bitch, you sure have some balls!


  1. I agree Dan Henderson obviously has no submission defense thats why Anderson Silva and Antonio Nogueira (a HW Champ I might add) are the only two people to submit him or even finish him in his entire MMA career. And you don't respect the fighters as evidence by your Wandy piece which made racist, insulting and demeaning statements about Wand. I think you're the one that needs to grow a pair of balls...

  2. Very biased opinions, I don't agree with your stance on Nick Diaz for one thing. Its much less about his inconsistency and more about his dedication to the sport of MMA.
    It's hard to really judge someone's true abilities solely on records and results, but you seem like a Huge UFC Fanboy, so I can see you underestimating Diaz since he didn't give a shit about that league.


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